Brunch Snobs

We are self-proclaimed brunch snobs. We love brunch. We are always on the lookout for the best brunch place around. Our standards are:

1. Has to have good home fries

2. Has to be a local business

3. Has to be inexpensive.

Everywhere we live we search until we find the best brunch place around. There are usually a few good places but our 3rd requirement really narrows the field. You’d be surprised how many brunch places are overpriced.

When we lived in North Adams, we found the Daily Grind.  To outsiders, The Grind may be really sketchy looking; it reminds us of a church basement. But the food is delicious. It’s the best brunch we’ve ever had. (Nick and I can get brunch for 2 for $12 total!!!)


Then when I lived in Goffstown we had the Purple Finch Cafe; which is delicious for breakfast or lunch. They have awesome eggs benedict and delicious home fries. (less than $20 for 2)

finchn (just one of their delicious creations…lunch though, not brunch)

Nick had Ball Square Cafe in Somerville is really good, too. Sometimes there is a wait but it’s worth it. Really delicious homefries. (I don’t remember the price) *it was about $20 for 2, but just make sure NOT to get the bottomless coffee mug~Nick

Now that we live in Nashua, we’ve been on the lookout for a good brunch spot. We aren’t looking for pastries for breakfast. We’re carnivores who want eggs and meat and home fries and coffee. After a few weeks of searching we found The City Room Cafe. It’s good, cheap, and has a great brunch menu. (less than $20 for 2)


If you’re ever in the Nashua area, check it out! They have outdoor seating, too!


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