Motivation to Move

My love and I are getting married in April. That’s 6 months away. Six months to get ready for the wedding.

Have I known about this wedding for a while? Yes. I’ve had 11 months to prepare and get fit. Actually, I started off with a bang! Jillian Michaels is my personal trainer. And by personal trainer, I mean I work out using her videos. I even talk to her image on the screen. We’re pretty good friends. She just doesn’t know it.

I like workout videos. Gyms aren’t the place for me because the thought of other people watching me work out is weird. I had a membership to Planet Fitness when I lived in Massachusetts. I even went there more than a few times. But the set up of the gym is strange. Everyone if facing the big mirror and right in front of the big mirror are all the weights! It was way too intimidating to lift weights because I didn’t want people looking at me (though I LOVED to watch people work out while I was on the treadmill…I used to watch Nick lift weights).

When I moved to New Hampshire, I joined Gold’s Gym because they had classes! But I only went once. No motivation. And people would walk by the huge windowed room to watch you bend and twist. Again, strange.

But now I have Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution! It a 3 month exercise and diet program. I received it for my birthday and I really enjoy it. Being the sloth that I am, I watch all the videos before I participate. There’s just something about Jillian Michaels. I love her. I have started the Body Revolution more than once. The first two weeks you really see a change in your strength and body. The only problem is that I get through a week and a half of the program, have to stop for a vacation or weekend get-away or something like that, and then I’m back to square one!


My goal is to make it through the first two weeks again (I have no terrific plans in the foreseeable future) so that I can move on to videos 3 & 4!

Wedding Arms, here I come! Onward!


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