A windy engagement photoshoot.

We had our engagement photo shoot on Sunday with an awesome photographer, Wes, from Boro Creative Visions Photography.

I was told to bring 2 outfits. How are you supposed to pick out an outfit for something like this, let alone two?

The decision was made to go with a really pretty sweater dress for one outfit. The other outfit was red pants and a navy and white striped shirt. Brown boots for both outfits.

This is outfit 1 though it says it’s outfit 2:

outfit 2 2

outfit 1

My awesome sister practiced a makeup look with me so that I would be able to do my makeup for the shoot. I did a pretty good job.

makeup 3

My love–handsome as always–had an easy time finding an outfit. He picked out two dress shirts, a brown corduroy jacket, and jeans. No makeup prep. No two entire outfits. That’s it.


We took our first set of pictures at the Edward McDowell Lake in Peterborough. Nick and I were really nervous. We aren’t a particularly PDA-ish couple. We hold hands and such, but we almost never kiss in public. So it was really strange to have someone telling you to kiss…AND take a picture of you doing it. Now, I wanted the kissing pics and the serious pics and the smiling pics, but it’s still really weird to do all of that in front of a camera.

After the lake, Wes took us to this really beautiful estate in Dublin. It was gorgeous. Wes took some amazing pics of my ring that I am SO EXCITED to see!!

Stay tuned. The sneak peek should be ready in a couple days.


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