Wedding Planner

I need to take a minute to tell you about the best wedding planning book EVER.

I’ve always wanted a wedding planner-as in a wedding planner book. Weird, I know, but that’s me! Anyways, very soon after we got engaged I dragged my love out to Barnes & Noble so I could find the PERFECT planner.

There are A LOT of wedding planning book and binders! At first I thought I was pretty sure I wanted to Martha Stewart wedding planning binder. Martha is amazing and I love her and I knew I would love her binder. Luckily there was an opened copy of the binder (why do they sell them all sealed up? Why would I buy it without seeing what was inside?).

The binder was amazing, but I realized it wasn’t for me. There was too much to read. I didn’t want to read. I don’t have time for reading; I have a wedding to plan! So I kept looking. There were big books and small books. So many books. I finally found one that I really loved!

Introducing, The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner: the Holy Grail of wedding planning excellence. Let me tell you why I like it:pic

  1. It has a checklist. Actually, it has a lot of checklists. Every section has a checklist. There is even a checklist timeline!! I can’t tell you you useful those lists are.
  2. It has some reading. Not too much, not too little. The perfect amount.
  3. It has questions to ask everyone you work with!! From the dress shop sales person to the venue, there’s a question to ask all! I found this super useful since I’ve never been married and never ran a function that involved so many parts! I would read the questions before going into each meeting so that I had an idea of what I should get out of the meeting. Most vendors answered the questions while explaining their services to me so I didn’t even have to ask!
  4. It has other helpful tools, too. Like a guest list, bridal party and gift recording sheet, and many more.

I totally recommend this book. I have heard that The Knot has a “book of wedding lists” that is just book of all their checklists for those of us who only want the lists. My twin sister has the knot binder which is very similar to the planner, but also has folders and pockets and more reading material for those who want more information.

How did you plan or how are you planning your wedding?


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