Engagement Pictures!

Our photographer put up a sneak peek of our engagement shoot. Interestingly, we didn’t take many kissing photos but he posted a lot of them! We really love the pictures so far and we can’t wait to see the rest!

I’ve included the story behind the pictures for each one. Enjoy!

Ok, these first pictures are from a dam/lake in Peterborough, NH.

_DSC8872-EditIt was a really cold day so I was happy my love had to hug me for some pics! Notice his corduroy jacket? He loves it because of the elbow pads. He was actually wearing that same jacket on the day we got engaged! The ring box was in his pocket the entire time. Adorable.


_DSC8931It was SO WINDY the day we had these taken! My hair was blowing everywhere. Now, cute pic, right? Look a little closer at our noses…Before the photo shoot we practiced kissing so our noses didn’t smoosh together. Obviously our practicing didn’t produce the desired results.


_DSC9273Nick and I were definitely awkward in front of the camera. That’s probably what we’re laughing about. We’re probably telling each other something stupid to make the other person laugh so our pictures don’t look bad. Bad hair picture. Oh well.

After the lake, our photographer took us to some beautiful estate in Dublin:

_DSC9120I like this picture because, if you know me, you know this is my “you’re an idiot” face. And though to an unknown observer my love looks like he’s looking adoringly at me, he is, in fact, giving me the “you’re and idiot, too” face. Either that or he told me there’s a booger in my nose. *Editor’s (Nick’s) note: there was definitely a booger there.


_DSC9131Love Nick’s eyes in this picture. He’s probably thinking of something stupid to say to get me to laugh. AND look at that shirt!! I love that shirt.



No matter how cold I thought it was at the lake, it was a million times colder at the estate. Once we booked our wonderful photographer, we wanted to get our engagement shots done ASAP. It’s been a really pretty fall and we wanted pics while there was still some color on the trees. I love that we see the foliage in this picture! Also, my hair looks fabulous here.


_DSC9344Besides the first picture, this is one of my favorites. Remember how I told you about how Nick and I had to practice kissing so our noses didn’t smoosh? Well we also had to practice kissing gently. Nick goes in for a kiss like a chicken pecking a kernel. He goes in really fast. Which, in turn, makes me brace for the kiss and make a really ugly face. So in this picture, we were told to kiss and Nick went in for the kill. I made my ugly face. Then I reminded him that he has to kiss nicely, like this. And I took his face and kissed him nicely. You can kind of even see Nick laughing, which is adorable.*Editor’s (Nick’s) note: I was planning to delete this paragraph to save some face and defend my honor. But on second thought, let’s move along.


_DSC9493Then we went and took a picture by a tree. I love this picture, too. I had to clip my hair back because it kept levitating. I wish I hadn’t clipped it back, but oh well. Again, another foliage pic!!


_DSC9423 We’re getting to the end of the day. We were taking pictures for 2 hours in the cold and the wind. I was done. I was so ready to go sit in the warm car and go home. Wes took just a few more of us. This one took me a little bit to decide if I liked or not. I do like it. Nick looks really handsome in this one. My “smile” isn’t great, but it works fine.


_DSC9466The last one! This is the BEST one only because you can see how COLD it was!! My poor nose was so red! Also, I’m pretty sure each one of my chins was freezing. Nick, the bastard, looks amazing. How can he look so beautiful when I’m obviously freezing!! *Editor’s (Nick’s) note: I’m really glad I could save this photo. Don’t tell Brige, but I’m having it blown up and canvassed to place above the fireplace.

Those are all we have so far! I hope you enjoyed them. Check out BoroPhotography!


One thought on “Engagement Pictures!

  1. You guys are a beautiful couple!! I love these pics especially the one leaning on the tree and on the bench, because (Brigette looks sexy) but they are all great 👍😍

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