Cake Tasting

Well, we found the worst part of wedding planning. It’s the cake tasting.

Note to those who are getting ready to set up their tasting appointments: Leave more than an hour between each one.

Part of our catering package is a cake from one of three local bakeries: Triolo’s Bakery, Frederick’s Pasteries, and Jacques Pasteries.

We started off at 11:00am on a Saturday morning at Triolos. We had the best experience at Triolos. They took us off to a little nook and brought out a plate of 4 cakes: red velvet, chocolate, almond, and some other white cake which I forget. Then they had this awesome little tasting stand filled with different cake fillings. There were at least 10 fillings to choose from. AND you can put more than one filling together!! Nick and I devoured everything. We just ate until there was nothing left. While we were “tasting” (more like gorging), the baker was asking us what we were looking for and drawing an idea for the cake. That was the coolest part of the entire thing- she drew a beautiful cake while we watched!

Ready to take a nap after all that cake, we decided on what sort of cake we wanted if we chose Triolos and went to the next place. We only had an hour between tasting…never only give yourself an hour. We were so stuffed we thought we would puke. We just sat in the parking lot at Frederick’s for a little less than an hour, waiting to stuff our faces again.

Frederick’s shop has a different feel. It is more of a visible workplace compared to the first shop. We sat out front in the shop and met another baker. He brought us a very different plate of food. Well, it was still cake, just presented differently. The plate had four different cakes on it: chocolate, pound, purple velvet, and a white cake that I forget. Each peace of cake had a glob of buttercream icing on it so that we could get the experience of tasting the icing, cake, and filling together. There were also five fillings to choose from: chocolate, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, and….mocha or almond, I forget. Anyway. We liked being able to get the full picture of what our guests would be tasting. Frederick’s cakes were much better than Triolos, though Triolos were good. These were just so much moister.

Again, we decided on a cake and left the shop.

We were ready to explode. Pretty sure we had just given ourselves diabetes, we went in search of some sort of protein to give our bodies.

The moral of the story is to NEVER go to two cake tastings within an hour of each other. Bad idea. Don’t do it.

We still have one place left. Thank God it’s only one place.


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