Ring Shopping

We were both a little nervous about going ring shopping. Nick had no idea what he was looking for and I knew exactly what I wanted but was nervous it wouldn’t be possible.

Nick did a great job finding his ring. When we went in to Naser Diamonds he told Donna, our sales lady, that he was looking for something pretty classic. Then he preceded to point out all the trendy rings he liked. He really liked the tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten is some sort of chemical element found on earth. It is very hard but it is also super brittle. It looks really cool. In some rings the tungsten was really dark and in others it was really light. The ring Nick really liked looked like this:

tungsten-ring-black-ceramicbut instead of being shiny it was brushed metal. Donna warned us that, although the contrast of tungsten and gold looks really cool, it is actually very brittle and can’t be resized if Nick happens to gain a ton of weight. We were also warned that, if dropped, tungsten can shatter. Well, we weren’t about to spend money on a ring that might not be perfect. The jeweler also dissuaded us from buying a ring similar to the picture shown because you can’t have the ring dipped once the gold starts to turn yellow (apparently, most white gold has to be dipped every few years).

Thus, we went back to Nick’s original (and I think, better) idea of a classic ring, He chose a ring similar to this one:

14k_Yellow_Gold_Mens_Wedding_RingHis is a little smoother in the middle and rounder. It looked really good on his finger. Oh! He also learned that Nick has small fingers! His ring size is 6.5!

Now on my my lovely rings.

I really wanted to use diamonds from my grandmother’s anniversary ring in my wedding band. I like the sentimental value of using her diamonds and having a family heirloom of sorts that can, eventually, be passed on. Her ring was very lovely; a Tiffany channel ring in yellow gold. 6fefed1ac2fb9a9e6a78368d92486b70

A few months ago I had gone into Naser and asked about using my grandmother’s diamonds. Donna was helping me then, too. She told me it all depends on how big the diamonds are that I want to use. She told me that if they are in a pave setting, then they are probably too small to use. The jeweler has a higher chance of damaging the diamond the smaller the stone is. Well, I had no idea what setting they were in so Donna suggested I bring in the ring the next time I get my ring cleaned.

When we went yesterday, I made sure I had the ring with me. Luckily, the stones were in a channel setting, not a pave setting. They said it would be no problem taking them out to use them in my wedding band. Now here was the other issue: my beautiful twin sister is getting married in July and might also want to use the diamonds. We decided to split the diamonds in the ring. I thought I would only be able to get one ring out of my half of the diamonds.

Lucky me! There were 21 diamonds in the ring and I only needed 10! I am getting two white gold bands with 5 diamonds on each. They should look something like this:

25043738The diamonds, like the ones in the picture, will be in a prong setting so that they reflect the light better. And because I like that setting better. I actually found a picture of  what my rings should look like together (remember when looking at the picture, instead of one wedding band, I’ll have two; one on each side):

240598903The band on my engagement ring is much prettier than the one shown on this one. But the picture gives me an idea of what the ring will look like.

So the most important accessories for our big day are all taken care of! Yay! Now we just have to take care of the rest of our list!

Oh, and incase you forgot how beautiful my engagement ring is, here is a picture of it:



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