The List

Over the past few days, Nick and I have been working on our wedding checklist from theknot. We are actually doing really well!

I like the Wedding Planning Book from theknot because it tells you when everything should be completed by. The only two things we have left to do from last month (was supposed to be finished by the end of December) are:

  • contact Harrington Flowers to finalize the flower proposal
  • book wedding accommodations for the night of the wedding

Once those are completed, we’ll have until the end of February to complete the next list which includes:

  • choose bridesmaid accessories
  • contact the JP to finalize the ceremony
  • buy or rent the ceremony and reception decorations
  • set up pre-wedding beauty appointments
  • marriage contract (need to check with JP and the town we’re getting married in)
  • plan the bridal luncheon
  • set up transportation to Boston the night of the wedding
  • find underwear for the first dress fitting (coming up way too soon!)
  • find ceremony readings
  • start writing vows
  • make a list of reception songs

Don’t let this list fool you, though. There are at least 3 more lists to go!


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