The Dinner Party

We had our first dinner party last night. It was just a small group: my twin sister, her fiance, my little sister, and her boyfriend. Six people in all, counting me and Nick.

Probably the best part about hosting a dinner party was that Nick and I had to clean the apartment…which had become a little neglected. I did a deep clean of the kitchen, living area, and dining room while Nick went food shopping. I’ll do anything as long as I don’t have to go food shopping.

Then we had to rearrange the apartment! That was the fun part. Our apartment isn’t particularly small but because the dining area isn’t big we decided to flip the dining and living areas for the night.

Room PicThis room used to be the dining area. It’s a good size for our table if the wings aren’t out. We moved the entire living space in here. Whatever we couldn’t fit (a couple end tables) we moved into the spare bedroom. I’m glad we did this because the kitchen is off to the right of this picture. While Nick and I* cooked, everyone hung out in this area so we could both talk to our guests!

room pic 2This is normally the living room but it turned out to be the perfect spot for the table with the wings out! We even moved our “bar” cabinet (filled with wine glasses) under the mirror. Usually the couch is right under the mirror…just so you can get a picture of what it normally looks like.

The Menu:

Appetizers: Brie & Apple Crescent Rolls

Dinner: Beef & Peppers (thanks mom!), brown rice, green beans

Dessert: Chocolate Dream Trifle

The party was a hit. Everyone had fun and we hope to do it again one day!!


*Editor’s Note: Those familiar with our relationship dynamic should take special note of the, “and I” mentioned here. Brige, the natural entertainer, is quite comfortable serving as gracious host. To find her in the kitchen slaving away at any dish barring a waffle with peanut butter and chocolate chips, however, is akin to setting sights on a wild white rhino. That woman is truly full of surprises.**


**Writer’s Note: I did ALL of the prep work while Nick napped. NAPPED! I made the appetizer, prepped the entire main course so all Nick had to do was cut the meat and add everything I had already prepared for him. I made the rice, the green beans, AND the dessert. So there.***


***Ed.: Touche


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