Why would anyone want to ride a horse?

Nick has become a cowboy.

This weekend, he decided he wanted to take a ride on a horse for a couple reasons:

1. He had never been horseback riding before

2. He had recently acquired an impressive collection of flannel attire despite being neither a fan of the outdoors nor country music

He started off by picking out his pony for the evening.


This is Neigh-neigh. She looks just like my parents’ dog, Tootsie, and was the only horse I liked. To prove it, here’s my portrait with the noble beast:


Despite being a burly and clearly-suitable choice for a first-time horseback rider, Nick was informed he would not be playing the part of Sancho Panza (who actually rode a mule) and would have to mount a steed of far more traditional stature. Her name was Edith (or Edna. We’re still not 100% sure).

Here’s Nick getting to know his ride.  My sister’s fiance, Lucas, joined in the meet and greet since he had the honor of riding next.

nickandlucasQuite a difference, eh?

Finally, the boys had their riding lessons. They were fabulous riders. Total naturals…

Don’t worry, there are pictures coming. Nick is actually posting this while I’m at school, and he doesn’t exactly know where they are saved.*

*Editor’s Note: I could easily dig through Brige’s computer and find riding pictures. However, being the superstitious person I am, I would hate to come across any rogue wedding dress pictures. Dear readers, you will have to hold your *ahem* horses just a little while longer!


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