Wine corks, table numbers, and whiskey ginger-ales



This weekend Nick and I went to work making some wine cork table numbers. Luckily for us, my parents LOVE wine and Nick’s friends LOVE wine, so we had a lot of corks to work with.

cork bag

(notice the classy black trash bag)

I searched everywhere for patterns on how to make these table numbers. We found a few pics on Google, but only for numbers 1-4. The rest we had to figure out ourselves. They turned out pretty awesome! Nick, the numberphile, did most of the work on the numerals, laying them out and hot-gluing them with brilliant precision. Challenges cropped up of course; you should have seen how frustrated he got with the 5. It was adorable.

nick gluing

[Editor’s Note: Despite the description above, my hot-gluing skills left something to be desired. With slightly scorched fingers and the hypnotically rhythmic chants of “Fiddler on the Roof” dominating my eardrums, such “frustration” (I would prefer to call it passion) was unavoidable.]

Since it was such a pain to find pictures of these table numbers, we thought we would share ours with the world. We love free stuff, so here are some free pics for you! You’re welcome. Don’t say we never did anything for you.





Some tips on how to make these.

I. Lay out each number before you glue it!

II. After you lay out a pattern, take a picture of it with your phone so you know what it is supposed to look like in case you hit it! Remember, corks are like round dominos. They LOVE to fall in tandem and roll everywhere.

III. Make sure the bottom of each number is flat by gluing the corks together and then pressing them against a flat surface.

Optional* Tip: Keep a well-stocked bar nearby. For this project, the beverage choice was whiskey ginger-ale. A slight deviation from the theme given the wine cork medium, but nevertheless, an excellent decision.


Even after completing all of these numbers, we had a bunch of corks left over (see paragraph 1). With this excess inventory, we decided to make a gigantic letter B for a table decoration. It turned out so cool! We had seen some on pinterest where people used a cardboard letter and covered it in corks but we didn’t like those. You can see the cardboard through the letter! Amateurs. Many corks, 5 sticks of hot glue, coffee (it was a morning project people), and plenty of patience later, this daunting, pain-in-the-butt-task turned out great. No complaints here!




7 thoughts on “Wine corks, table numbers, and whiskey ginger-ales

  1. Did the hot glue work?? I had a friend that did this, and she said hot glue wouldn’t stick, so she ended up using straight pins. I just wanted to ask before I got too involved.

  2. Are you looking to sell your table numbers? I still need table numbers 11-20. Let me know if you still have them.

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