Snow Day!

Oh the joys of a snow day. One of the great things about being a teacher is that we can still enjoy snow days! Some teachers hate snow days because it makes the school year longer. I, on the other hand, find them to be a nice break during the worst few months of the year. Seriously, between freezing temperatures that keep kids indoors for recess and the overall gloominess that looms over the winter months, I think we all appreciate a nice snow day now and again.

Our day started like this: Introducing the cats to snow!

first snowThis is the first apartment we’ve lived in that had a balcony! The cats LOVE to go out and sit in the sun during the spring and summer, so we thought we’d see how they’d react to the opposite end of the weather spectrum. The verdict: they weren’t particularly impressed. After licking some snow and leaving adorable little paw prints on the deck, Victor (the oversized rat in the picture) decided he was content with his life as an indoor cat.


Going outside was hard work for Victor, so afterwards, he and Nick decided to take a nap…for the entire afternoon!


Lola and I handle our days off in a much more reasonable fashion:

nomnomWe eat.

Notice how she is so into eating that she spills a whole bunch on the ground? Don’t worry, she’ll be famished soon enough and gobble it all up.


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