Thank goodness for musically-inclined friends and family

Nick and I are lucky enough to have very talented friends and family who are involved in our wedding. Two of those special people are performing the music for our ceremony.

Chris is a good friend Nick and I have known since our freshman year at Saint Michael’s College. In fact, since we actually went on a retreat together during the summer before school started, he is actually one of my first real “college friend”. He is a very talented musician and will be playing the guitar at our wedding ceremony. Eat your heart out, Clapton.

Aiden, my nephew, is also a pretty terrific musician. Unlike Chris, who can play any instrument he lays his hands on, Aiden prefers the piano. He is going to play Canon in D while I walk down the aisle at the wedding. Pretty adorable, right? My nephew playing the wedding march for me?

Aiden has been taking piano lessons since he was 7 at Masters Music Academy. Now, at the ripe old age of 12, he’s a regular virtuoso who also happens to be very advanced in the height and mustache-having departments. Being the good nephew that he is, and seeing as today is a snow day, Aiden videotaped himself playing the Canon in D for me so I could send it to Chris.

As you watch and get annoyed with how he positioned the camera just remember, he’s only 12.

Without further ado, here is Aiden playing Canon in D:


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