Nick’s Pedicure Adventure

While visiting Nick’s family this weekend, his mom took us out to get pedicures.

Actually, she took me out and Nick crashed the party. It’s ok, he’s cute so I don’t mind.

This is the story of Nick’s fist pedicure:

First off, he was a little concerned about the blue water. He kept asking silly questions like, “Is it supposed to be blue? Why is it changing colors? Am I supposed to put my feet in?” He did put his feet in and was SUPER excited once he found out the the chair was a massage chair. This mollified any anxiety he had toward the pedicure.


Then they started working on his feet. Interestingly enough, the part he liked least was when they push and cut your cuticles. Here is a cute fiance(e) picture for your viewing pleasure:

fiance pic

My favorite part of Nick’s pedicure was when they brought out the cheese grater to grate off the layers of gross skin on his feet. It was hilarious.

Did you see how much skin they took off his feet? He really needed this.

Then, the lucky guy, they wrapped his feet in nice hot towels.

foot wrap

And gave him a leg massage with a bunch of grey goop.


I think Jodie was enjoying Nick’s experience as much as I was.


We all had a great time! Who wouldn’t when Nick is giggling beside you?

Then, lucky us, we were treated to mounds of food, pounds of ice cream, and a trip to Ulta. Success!


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