A Slow Cooker with a slow cooker

Nick and I received many wonderful gifts for my Bridal Shower. Seriously. People are awesome! One of the gifts that we used right away was a slow cooker. Or crock pot. Not sure what the difference is or if there is a difference between the two of them. Remember, I’m no cook, so I’m going to use the terms interchangeably.

The crock pot is much loved by both myself and Nick. Anything that makes Nick excited enough to make dinner gets 5 stars in my book. Nick is usually the one who makes the meals in the crock pot. He gets inspired, he goes shopping, he throws everything into the pot and presses play!

Well, Nick’s working tonight. He cleaned the cat box so I promised I would make dinner. Luckily, my awesome sister-in-law and her mother gave me (us) the best book for my shower! Here it is:

photo 4

Fix-It and Forget-It Big Cookbook by Phyllis Pellman. If you look closely you can see that my sister-in-law and her mother tabbed their favorite recipes! How considerate of them!! They also put a sticky note in the front of the book with the names and page numbers of each recipe they tabbed. Nick and I have looked through this book so many times. It’s just amazing. Nick likes to flip through. I am drawn to the tabbed recipes- there are just so many ideas in the book! My most favorite thing about the recipes in this book is that each one only has a few ingredients. So, if you hate spending tons of money on something as boring as food, this is what you want! Also, I HATE recipes that are long and require lots of prep and ingredients and overall knowledge of cooking. Seriously, it’s just food. Get to the point!

But yes, great book. Super simple recipes. The one I made tonight is called “Easy Teriyaki Chicken”. And it was super easy! Only 4 ingredients that you throw in a pot and cook. Why did I not get one of these things sooner?!

Here is my masterpiece:

crockpotIsn’t it so cute?

Nick, the clever guy that he is, came up with the most brilliant idea! We put the slow cooker on before we go to bed and then it is ready by the time we wake up in the morning! Yay lunch!



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