Wedding Week

Tomorrow is the big day!! We’re super excited to FINALLY be getting married! Our week has been totally crazy though. Here is our week in pictures:

The week started with some adorable baby pictures. Nick and I are both twins and we discovered we took a very similar picture has lil ones!

baby pic


How to manage wedding stress: make lists. many lists.


Easter Sunday- One of the final days before the “incident”.


“The Incident” was the stomach bug that I was presented with on Tuesday afternoon (yaay wedding week stomach bug!). Lucky for me, I was only sick for a day but out of commission (and out of wedding prep) for 2 days! Here is a picture of my snack when I returned to work on Wednesday:


Feeling a little better by Thursday. I was over ambitious with this meal though.


While packing on Thursday (eek! I missed 2 days of packing!) I realized I only really have dark colored dresses…better to realize late than never I guess.


Sub plans for after vacation with my new name on it…the name “Botto” provides my students with endless entertainment.

sub plans pic

And last night my beautiful sisters threw me a bachelorette party! We had our nails and toes painted and then they took me out to a restaurant with some friends. One friend wrote our hashtag in the bathroom (the restaurant provides crayons to do this). I added the date.



Now we have last minute lovely things to do!!!


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