Jamaican Me Married



Ah, the love birds. That’s us! Nick and I honeymooned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! It was awesome. We stayed at the Sandals Grande Riviera. This is us on the first full day we had. The ocean was actually a little chilly so we stayed by the pool a lot!



We had dinner on the ocean, which was pretty cool. We tried to eat the Jamaican cuisine if it was available. Usually each restaurant had at least one Jamaican entree- except for the Italian restaurant.


The resort was split into two parts: the suites on the hill side and the beach part of the resort (where most of the restaurants were, too). We stayed on the hillside and would eat over on the beach side. Then we’d go exploring. This is us on a hammock we found.


We took a lot of selfies. This is us on our porch! We were so lucky because we were supposed to have a “mountain view” and we ended up with an ocean view! Every night we had drinks on our little patio before going to dinner.



We spent the day relaxing by the pool and catching up on some reading.


There were TONS of stray cats wandering around the resort (probs the entire island)! Nick would call the cats over to us when we ate lunch. They were mangy.


White Hot party- which also happened to be the night of the chocolate buffet.


Our butlers made a bath for us…one of the many surprised we ruined because we would come back to our room in the afternoon to nap and to drink and to snack!

CIMG2018 CIMG2017

And the hardware. Very important. Poor Nick got a blister from his ring and my finger kept swelling in the sunshine! I had to keep my hand out of the sun because it kept burning and swelling. They look pretty sexy on our fingers, though!

That’s our honeymoon!



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