Bridesman/Groomsman Box or Nick Explores His Crafty Side



Bridesman: a man who stands with the bride (Ed. For those unfamiliar, the bride is the one in white) at the wedding.

My brothers were my bridesmen. What do you get a bridesman? An artisan shaving box! We* created these super awesome boxes for my brothers and for Nick’s groomsmen.

Nick painstakingly stained and sealed some nice wooden boxes. Each box contained the following:

  • double edge safety razor
  • boar bristle brush (preconditioned by yours truly)
  • sample pack of blades
  • soap puck
  • soap bowl
  • bow tie (handmade- coral for bridesmen, green for groomsmen)
  • directions on how to tie a bow tie
  • a card describing everything in the box and suggestions for websites to check out for shaving tips and tying bow ties

We also made a “Junior Groomsman” box for my nephew with the soap, brush, bowl, bow tie, bow tie tying directions, a nice razor and a nice pack of razor heads.

The boxes were a big hit! Very unique. (Ed. Plus, it made for an hilarious exercise in hand dexterity and coordination at the rehearsal dinner as groomsmen and bridesmen alike struggled to master the art of tying bow ties)



*Editor’s Note: many readers may expect me to claim that I did most of the work. However, in this case, it was, in fact, Brige who put many of the elements of this gift together. She’s pretty crafty, after all.



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