Pre-Move-In Projects

There has been a lot going on at the Botto house! There was a lot to do before we moved in. Here are a few of the pre-move-in projects worth checking out*

We’ll start with the worst of the bunch: We were told by a couple family members (who shall remain nameless) that we should really paint our ceilings. Who thinks to paint a ceiling…? Word to the wise, NEVER suggest this job. In fact, if you walk into someone’s house and think, “hmm, this house would look nice with a repainted ceiling”, simply say nothing, or suggest they move. We were not lucky enough to receive the non-advice mentioned above so, with the help of my amazing mother, I painted the stupid, awful ceilings. Let me reiterate: if anyone ever tells you to paint your ceilings. Tell them no.

I might have looked happy, but this was the worst job in the world.

I might have looked happy, but this was the worst job in the world.

Now that they’re finished, I have to admit the ceilings do look amazing and, in hindsight, I’m glad we decided to not give up halfway.

We also wanted to paint the walls before we moved in. For all future homeowners, here’s some more advice: paint the ceiling first, then the trim, THEN the walls. To save time and blog post length, and provide some instant gratification to you, our dear readers, this is what the room looked like before we even bought the house (this was from the inspection):


Not pictured: sweating future homeowners fearing word of cracked foundations, a roof in need of repair, ghosts, and/or ruined sewage systems. Thankfully none of these things came up** 

And here’s what it looked like after. We went with a really pretty gray color for the room. It’s bright and light. My clever sister-in-law told me that Lowes/Home Depot will color match any swatch. This was matched with Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter.” We love it!


We are now moved in and waiting on a few essential pieces of furniture, such as a kitchen table that Nick’s grandpa*** is giving us. In the mean time, I “refinished” the kitchen floor. We decided not to do a total overhaul of the floor but instead cleaned it and resealed it. (Your trusty editor is eternally grateful for this decision) One thing we did learn is that Magic Erasers really are magic!! Our kitchen floors were very damaged/dirty when we moved in. Just check out the picture below:



This picture shows the floor after I had already used the eraser on the other part of the floor. You can see how gross the floor was!

Now, this is the after!

Pretty amazing


Using the Magic Eraser, which is kind of like a really mild sandpaper, probably isn’t recommended by professionals. But we’re not professionals, so it worked for us! After giving the floor a nice rubdown, I resealed them. Now all we need is the table!

We definitely still have a lot to do, but I’m sure our list of projects will now be never-ending!

That’s all for now!

Peace & Love

The Bottos


Editor’s Notes

*Pre-move-in projects not mentioned: 1. Water filter cartridge replacement 2. Sink repair 3. Toilet wax seal replacement 4. Closing paperwork signing

Projects 1-3 completed by yours truly

**The verdict is still out on ghosts

***Thanks Gramp!!


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