The Dinner Conundrum

Preface: I wrote this post singing “D is for Dinner, that’s good enough for me” to the tune of Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie” song.


I hate making dinner. What a mundane and boring task. Eating is super boring, too (unless you are talking about eating dessert*).

Nick and I are not good eaters. We eat crap. Neither of us likes to go food shopping, which results in both of us holding out until there is absolutely no food in the house and then Nick makes us both go food shopping. Did I mention I HATE food shopping?

Lucky for me, Nick likes to cook.** He’s really good at it too. Where I am a recipe follower, Nick likes to experiment. Maybe that’s why he likes cooking so much.

In spite of our non-food shopping*** skills, we’ve managed to throw dinner together twice this week!! Whoopee!

We’ve had avocado-stuffed meatballs with noodles!

And we’ve had salmon with roasted green beans and tomatoes!

Both were delicious. Mine was better. Can you guess who made what?




*I still spell dessert by reminding myself that “there are 2 s’s because you want 2 helpings!

**Writer’s note: he likes to cook as long as I find a recipe for him to make AND get the ingredients for him (a.k.a. food shopping)

*** I use grocery store and food store interchangeably, to Nick’s utter disgust. He calls the place you buy food a super market. We both agree, however, that you go food shopping. <–this is a bold-faced lie. I call it grocery shopping


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