Hooks or Needles?


I am a crocheter. I love crocheting. I can read, understand, and teach crocheting patterns and works. I can pick up a crocheted blanket and tell you which stitches were used. It’s what I’m good at.

When I was very little (somewhere between 4 and 7) my grandmother taught me how to knit. We started by knitting mittens for babies in the hospital. The mittens didn’t have thumbs; instead, they were just little “socks” that encased the hand and were connected with a string. We made tons of these mittens. Then we moved on to hats. We knit hats for the babies in the hospital (not sick babies, per se, but babies that were just born). We made many hats.

I hated knitting. It hurt my fingers. The tips of my fingers where the needle points touched were always read. I probably pushed the needles too hard when I was pushing a stitch off the needle.

So then my grandma taught me how to crochet. She and my memere (my grandfather’s mother) crocheted together. By that I mean they were in the same room when they would crochet. We crocheted hats and scarves and pieces of blankets. I actually don’t remember a single crochet project I ever made with my grandmother (probably because they were all good memories, not bad ones like I had for knitting).

My very first crochet baby blanket was for my neighbor who was having her 3rd child. A girl. I made an afghan for her using the very basic sc, dc, sc, dc, pattern for the entire blanket. I don’t think I’ve used that pattern since. The blanket was simple but it was big and warm. I’m pretty sure she used it for the baby, too, because I would babysit and see it on the rocking chair (which could have been just for my benefit).

Since then I’ve made blankets for everyone. Each of my nieces and nephews have their own crocheted blanket. When ever one of my cousins has a baby, the first baby in each family gets a blanket (I have way too many cousins to make one for each of their children). Neighbors get blankets for their first children. Friends get blankets for their kids. And so on. I’ve only ever made one blanket twice (it was a pretty awesome jungle blanket. Just look at the picture)


I’ve probably crocheted close to 20 afghans. And I love to crochet. But I have three problems with crocheting.

  1. Uses too much yarn (c’mon, yarn is expensive!)
  2. The work ends up having a lot of “structure”
  3. Patterns that are “expert” or “difficult” are just poorly written

Thus, I am attempting to return to knitting because

  1. It doesn’t use as much yarn
  2. The work ends up being more pliable
  3. Not sure yet about the patterns…I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Let’s hope knitting goes well!


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