Winter Is Coming

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.49.11 PM


and winter is a bitch.

There is so much to do before it gets here. We have to:

  • get a new bulk head for our cellar so that we don’t get too much flooding (hopefully none) in the spring.
  • look into sealing up our windows with that really attractive plastic wrap. We’ve used it before…and the cats destroyed it! Hopefully it works better in the house than it did at our old apartment!
  • seal up the driveway cracks…sooner rather than later. Like, super soon. Before October (FYI Nick, when I say “we” I mean you).
  • find an oil provider (also super soon so that we can get a lower rate…or so we’ve been told)
    • Totally not used to having to find our own providers. With renting, you’re always just sent a bill and told to pay it. Now we have to actually research people? What is this??
  • get the chimney fixed/cleaned so that we can use it in the winter time! (we probably need wood for that, too, right?)
  • look into what I’m supposed to do with my “garden” (luckily, I know many gardeners who I will beg to help me)
  • get some shovels for the driveway…because the world KNOWS Nick will never hire a snow plow (although the previous owners of the house very graciously left the information on, among other things, who they used to plow their driveway).
  • decorate for Fall AND Winter!!! (can you tell this is what I’m most excited about?)

Of course in Game of Thrones it ALWAYS seems like winter is coming…but it never comes (I’ve only read the first 2.5 books. So don’t tell me if it actually comes. I like to think it will never come and the world will be a beautiful, non-wintery place. Or maybe if it does come it will only last a month. And maybe the snow will only be the pretty snow you get before everything turns black and slushy.)


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