Burnt Out by Blankets

I’m working on a beautiful blanket for the newest little man in my life. He was born in July but I figure it’s too hot for a blanket right now. His should be ready by Christmas.

Sneak Peek:


TED talks while knitting has become my go-to knitting distraction.

Blankets are like books. You need to read some mindless books between heavy ones. Romance novels intersperse regular reading (though I have to say, I LOVE romance novels). In yarn work, you need to intersperse some simple, quick projects in between your blankets. Thus, I’ve been practicing some new stitches this week because the blanket is draining me.

Here is the cable stitch I’ve been practicing:

photo (11)


Still in need of a break from blankets, I went to the Spotted Sheep Yarn Shoppe and picked up some awesome yarn:


I apologize for the blurry picture, I used the wordpress app and it didn’t upload the photo well.

Which my handsome husband helped be wind:

He’s the best. The really pretty rainbow color has already been used up! I’ll do another post on that one. The blue is being made into a scarf, the pink will be something (not sure what yet) for my mother, and the blue-patterned yarn will be for one of the many children in my life.

These little patterns and projects are getting me through the burnout!


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