Look at me! I’m a runner! I run!

Anyone know what the title is an homage to? Anyone? I’ll give you a clue: the original quote doesn’t use the words runner or run.* Ed. I have no idea what she’s talking about here…

Poor Nick had Lyme Disease this summer. It was pretty grotesque. He had a huge, red bullseye on his thigh. It radiated heat- you could actually feel how hot the bullseye was through his jeans. We originally thought the mark was from leaving his cell phone on his leg for too long** (it started out as the size of a cell phone) but as it grew to the size of his thigh (probably a good 8″ in diameter) he went to the Urgent Care and was diagnosed with Lyme. Probably the scariest thing for me, being the spouse of a person with Lyme, was the raging fever he developed the first night after he went to UC. I’ve never felt a body so hot before (ooh lala). I was afraid I would have to bring him to the ER or that he would cook in his sleep (I tend to overreact at night). Luckily, a Google search revealed a high fever was one of the common symptoms of Lyme. Also, Nick had started antibiotics that night; they just hadn’t kicked in yet. Interesting fact: you might not develop the bullseye at the place where the tick bit you. In Nick’s case, we are pretty sure he was bitten on the neck during the morning of my sister’s wedding (that or sometime after we moved into our new house).

Anyway, long story short-Nick had Lyme and decided to do a 5k for Lyme Disease in Nashua.

He and my twin sister and her husband were going to run.

I was not going to run.

There was actually no way in hell I was going to run. I don’t like running. I don’t know why people run for fun. Though I had just started Couch to 5k that week (I finished my first week of the 3 runs that Thursday), I was not training for anything at all resembling a group run-for-fun scenario.

But the night before the run I drank half a bottle of wine (with my little sister, who drank the other half) and we both decided we would sign up, too. Along with her boyfriend (who runs triathlons, marathons, and other -thons that aren’t nearly as fun as their names–for fun).

So. Without further adieu, here are some picture of that fateful Lyme Disease Run:

photo 1

Me and my twin sister after the 5k. Notice our beautiful, red, swollen faces.

photo 2

50 won the entire race. 31 came in 7th. 6 came in 13th. 43 came in 5th (in our division. 48 came in 9th (in our division) and I came in 10th (in our division)

photo 3

Me and my love before the race. Look how happy we were.

photo 4

Me and my beautiful sisters.

photo 5

Oh, that’s the name of the race, BTW. My number and Nick’s number.


In conclusion: We finished. Running sucks.


*It’s from “What About Bob?” when he is tied to the mast of a sailboat and yells, “Look at me! I’m a sailor! I sail.”

**Ed. I was tempted to joke a couple times that Brige had burned me in my sleep. After a second thought, however, I chose not to. It saved us plenty of dirty looks and potential forced therapy sessions


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