Colorful Casablanca Cowl

Getting sick of my knitting posts yet?

I went to the yarn shop the other day (as mentioned in previous posts) and I picked up a really pretty rainbow yard. I had no idea who I would use it for but I knew I wanted to make a cowl.

So I did:

photo 1

It’s a little scratchy, but the pattern was actually suggested by the company for this yarn. I love all the different colors. However, I was not aware of that the yarn was quite THIS colorful. It looked much more muted all wound up.

photo 2

This beauty is being sent to someone I miss who lives far away! I’m not going to say who in case she sees this.

photo 3


This yarn is called “Poppy Field” (04) by Cascade Yarns– their Casablanca yarn. The pattern I used is called the Casablanca Barred Scalloped Cowl (free pattern from Cascade). The pattern was very well written and easy to follow*.


Happy Knitting!


*I find that patterns are rated as “Easy” when they are well written and “Hard” or “Expert” when they are poorly written. As someone who can follow any pattern as well as a grammar freak, it annoys me when patterns are poorly written.


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