New Years Resolutions (or, reflections of a blog editor once healthy)


Ugh. New Years Resolutions. Let me guess…you want to “get in shape/healthy”. Right?? Am I right?? I bet I am. Typical.

Well, that’s our NYR too. Not really get in shape as much as eat healthier. We suck at eating. Nick loves eating, so he eats anything and everything. (Ed. Wow, judgmental much?) I don’t care for eating unless it has something to do with chocolate and I hate cooking so I end up eating crap. (Ed. This is the most beautifully-constructed run-on sentence. I can’t find it in me to edit it) So our, “Aw cute couple” resolution is to eat healthier foods.

We had anchovies and salads this week (two separate meals). So far so good on that resolution.


Our other resolutions are to somehow do something healthy.

I’m going to try to get through my Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. Good luck to me…I’ve completed Day 1 and I’m taking a “rest” day today. Because it’s Thursday. (I MADE a salad tonight. It was delicious and it was all the exercise I needed).

Nick is going to run a 10K! Go Nick!! You’re awesome! Run like the wind Nicholas! He has really good running shoes so I’m sure he can do it no problem. Also, he can run a 5k around our block (which is amazing to me; I can’t run down the driveway). If there’s anyone out there who would like to run some 5k’s with him to get ready for his 10K I’m sure he’d be interested.


(Ed. In this photo, you see our famed editor at a much more attractive time in his life. Ugh, I need to go on a diet)*

* Writer’s note.** Diets are for duds. You’re beautiful and nice to hug. 

**Ed. Colons dear, please use them. Also, “…nice to hug” might as well be replaced with “soft and doughy”.  

So. Stay tuned (ha! I almost wrote “tooned” which would have been punny! Ha! Again!).


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