Nick’s Crack at Storymatic

Nick and I received The Storymatic for Christmas and thought it would be fun to turn it into a blog post.

How to play: You pick 2 Character cards and 2 Prompt cards. You have to write a story around the two Character cards that somehow incorporate the 2 Prompt cards.

There are only two rules:

1) Your main character has to change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story;


2) You can’t kill the main character

Nick’s Character cards: “Inventor” and “person who can’t stop thinking about that dream last night”

Nick’s Prompt (“lead”) cards: “first night in a new home” and “pulled over by police”

Without further ado–Nick’s story:

Damnit! Are you kidding me?

The lights behind Marty were blinding. He was only one night into his new lite and things were already looking rough.

What’s an inventor to do when his money is gone and physical materials are scarce? For someone like Marty, the answer is to keep creating. In this case, a new life was his project. A bright, shiny, Cate-free new life.

The officer’s footsteps were heavy as he approached the car window. There was a slight awkwardness to his walk. Step…step..step…step. The road was smooth, so a limp must be to blame for the queer tempo.

Marty rolled down his window. What’s the problem officer? He asked?

What’s the rush? The officer replied. You runnin’ from someone?

If you only knew, thought Marty. No, officer. I thought I was following the guy in front of me.

Well, the guy in front of you was going 70. The officer’s shirt was pressed beautifully. Despite the wooded area, the whiff of fresh shoe polish assaulted Marty’s nose. The speed limit here is 55.

Uhh…I’m still new to the area, Marty stuttered. Looking to his steering wheel he remembered he remembered what was in his pocket. He reached up and began to fumble with his shirt when…

Get your hands back on the steering wheel! The officer shouted. In fact, would you mind stepping out of the car?… The officer took a step back to accommodate for a swinging car door. Now…

*sigh* groaned Marty. He reached over, unlatched his seatbelt, pulled the handle to his car door, and stepped out onto the hot asphalt. His striped shirt was wet with sweat.

Now I don’t want any trouble, Marty protested. I’m just trying to get home.

The officer spit on the ground. nothing to worry about. I just want to look around the car.

Do you mind if I smoke? Asked Marty hesitantly.

Go right ahead. The officer replied

Marty reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out the long-lasting rolling paper he had developed previously, and his bag of smokeable catnip and carefully rolled together a cigarette, working hard to keep his soft fur from getting mixed into the dry herb.

Well isn’t this just purr-fect. Thought Marty…

…Laying on the couch, Roger turned his head to Dr. Ashcroft. You see doc, it’s dreams like that, that make me wonder if these past few years of therapy have even been worth it.



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