Guest Post: Must Love Dogs…And Whiskey

Editor’s notes in italics

In the beginning, there was a boy and a girl who met in a hair salon. The girl was seeking comfort in her hair dresser (The boy’s mother)*. The boy walked into the shop. In that moment, everything changed.

They talked and laughed (about J.Lo, or Ashanti, or Ciara, or whatever). They connected. They fell in infatuation.

She left and he became persistent.

Timing is everything. Serendipity is real (and a movie, starring John Cusack). True love is heaven sent.

Time passed and whiskey was poured into a single glass (this is the only one I’ve told her about. There was way more than one glass of whiskey poured in this time). The boy became lionhearted. He asked her for one night and she said yes.

(He begged her) She saved him a barstool and whiskey was poured into two hopeful glasses.

They fell in love (No editing required).

Two weeks passed. She went on vacation (7 days was way too long) to Florida and he followed. They trusted their hearts. They moved in together (with his big doofy dog). Their love grew.

The boy and girl danced in their kitchen for eight months (marathon dancing). He asked her for forever and she said yes. (Thank you)

This is the story of destiny, love, and a greyhound that won’t get off the couch (Her fault).

This…is Becoming Bottos Part II (it was Ciara, after all).



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