Weekend Getaway at Blue Moose Lodge and Fun with Foreign Languages

Nick and I spent the weekend with some lovely friends (aww, I called you guys lovely!) at the Blue Moose Lodge in the middle of nowhere, VT. The roads were covered in snow. It snowed. And it was cold. But other than the (insert most profane word you can think of here) snow, we had a lot of fun. We said goodbye to one of Nick’s college roommates who is going off to work in Abu Dhabi. Adios amigo. Ed. Note: More foreign language fun below.

As you look through these pictures, pay close attention to how the lodge is decorated. It is almost totally covered in moose. Also, read the captions.


The handsome husband himself, driving us out to the middle of nowhere. Look at that smile.



Cody and Gus snuggling on the couch…with the moose.



Cody, Gus, and Logan getting some serious snuggle time before Logan leaves. Notice the moose!



Nicholas and his godson, Jackson! Seriously, can this kid get any cuter?



Nick and Logan bonding in the cold. Notice the screen? I tried braving the cold but I didn’t want to. Also, they peed off the deck…more than once.



We found a bear and her cub at the Blue Moose Lodge!


Not pictured: the addicting game no one could put down.



Finished this baby off at the Blue Moose Lodge.


Etrooh w etrid bilsalamah (Arabic for, “Go, and come back safely” according to the internet). 


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