How a Handsome Man Installed Some Ceiling Fans in 11 Steps

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Becoming Bottos is not This Old House. To avoid injury or potential death, this blog post should never be used as a manual for installing any electrical appliances in your domicile. Don’t be stupid.

Nick and I had a VERY productive weekend! We crossed quite a few items off our house TO DO list and we went out to the prohibition bar that Nick’s been dying to go to with Tommy. So, without further ado, Becoming Bottos presents their latest harrowing adventure in homeownership….

Attic Nick

Step 1: Lay down plywood so you don’t fall through the ceiling.

He's using his camera as a flashlight here, trying to figure out where each room was. Notice the beautiful plywood boards he's lying on?

He’s using his camera as a flashlight here, trying to figure out where each room was. Notice the beautiful plywood boards he’s lying on?

Technically, the first step was to get Nick into the attic space. We don’t have a walk-up attic. The hole to climb through is very tiny. Nick and  I had to really squeeze to get up there, until my dad came over and readjusted the ladder to make it easier for Nick. Dads are the best!

Step 2: Take a picture of your cat while waiting for your dad to come and check out the ceiling and attic space.

step 2

Isn’t he pretty? I got a nice camera for my birthday, and it has a mode designed specifically for pictures of pets!! There’s also a mode for the moon, which I found strange, but cool!

Step 3: Pick up ceiling fans from Lowes.


For Christmas, my parents gave us ceiling fans for all 3 bedrooms and installation from my awesome dad (though Nick did a lot of the labor). The fan for our bedroom is really nice, but not installed, yet. It’s bigger and sexier than the two fans for the extra bedrooms. However, I LOVE the fans we chose for these bedrooms. They are pretty tiny, but they fit the rooms perfectly. They are brushed nickel with “wood” blades.

I had a little crisis over the blades. They came in two colors: dark brown or light brown. How was I supposed to decide what to use? I called my lovely mother who rushed over to help decide. She had been on the phone with my brother who told her to match the blade to the floors. So we went with the lighter blades because we have light floors. Phew. That was rough. (Ed. Note: don’t mind me. Just hanging out up in the hot attic breathing in insulation. Please continue this interior decorating debate…)

Step 4: Make sure you wear your safety gear.

step 3

Isn’t he the best? He is going up to the attic to work on some electrical nonsense.

Step 5: Run new wires for the fans.


Not pictured: My dad is grabbing the wires from Nick and connecting them to an existing light underneath us.

Step 6: Drill a hole, etc. (Ed. Note: We get really technical, here)


That’s the hole I made. On purpose. With close supervision from my dad (Remember how installation was part of the Christmas gift? How did I get roped in to the installation?). Not pictured: All the ceiling dust that I got in my eye. (Ed. Note: Please refer to imagery for Step 5 when Brige starts complaining about ceiling dust).

Step 7: Continue to wow your spouse with homeownership skills.


Scott Botto, if you are reading this, you should be proud.

Step 8: Attach the blades.


Notice the nice, light color? (Ed. Note: Are we talking about the blades? Or the thin layer of filth coating my shoulders?) It should be noted that my mother and I attached all the blades to the metal things that attach to the fan. Helpers extraordinaire.

Step 9: Attach light housing (Not pictured)

After this Nick and my dad attached the light pieces, which I forgot to take pictures of. My bad.

Step 10: Turn the power back on.

I had been doing throughout this whole ordeal because I am oh so helpful.

Step 11: Celebrate!

Thus, the ceiling fans were installed. They are quite lovely and I can’t wait for people to come stay over and use them! Or to work out in our “gym” (HA!) with a refreshing breeze.

Here is a before and after of one of the rooms. The guest room has the attic hole in the closet and ended up housing all the tools. I had to disassemble the closet and spread everything all over the room. Therefore it is too messy to picture. You’ll get a glimpse once it’s all cleaned up. Maybe.

PicMonkey Collage

Thanks Nick! You installed 2 ceiling fans like a beast! (Ed. Note: and got to play John McClane in the attic all day) Go Nick, Go!

Thanks dad, for installing the fans with Nick. Well, I guess Nick installed them with you since he had no idea what he was doing!

And thanks mom for helping with the blades!



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