Guest Post: Meet the Wedding Party

As many of you know may know, Brad and I are pretty untraditional. After knowing each other for 3 weeks, we decided to move in together (*gasp*). After 9 months of living in sin, he then put a sapphire (not a diamond) on my finger. With plans of relocating (NOT procreating), we decided to have a four month engagement. Yes, four months…and we could not be happier! It’s amazing how quickly you dismiss the stress of wedding planning when you know you are marrying the right person.

ahorse ofcourse

Wedding Party, UNITE!


As you can imagine, planning a wedding, a honeymoon (to Paris!!!), and a move all in four months can be a bit overwhelming. However, one aspect of our wedding that was not chaotic to plan was picking our bridesmaids and groomsmen. We knew we wanted a small wedding party that included the biggest supporters of our relationship. We couldn’t imagine not having them next to us as we say our vows. So, without further ado, we present #teambradelia!


Position: Best Man

Interests: Cast iron skillets, Pogs, oatmeal RAISIN cookies

Dislikes: Oatmeal CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies

Most likely to: Be mistaken for Brad at the wedding

Bridal Party 2


Position: Maid of Honor

Interests: Sharing pictures of her dog on Facebook, Darrin’s Dance Grooves, Sweater Boy

Dislikes: Anything on the top shelf

Most likely to: Ruin her eye makeup during the ceremony and her speech

Bridal Party


Position: (Other) Best Man

Interests: Breakfast and the inkwell filter on Instagram

Dislikes: Bright flashing lights and not riding shotgun

Most likely to: be referred to as “…and Jake” at the wedding

Wedding Party 4


Position: Bridesmaid

Interests: Cheating at board games and peanut butter chocolate chip waffles

Dislikes: Brad and Celia’s dog

Most likely to: request “Shake It Off” during the reception

Bridal Party 3

Other Nick

Position: Quarterback of Ceremony

Interests: Jock Jams Volume II, Batman, declining a menu at any restaurant and just ordering two hot dogs

Dislikes: Watered-down Sunny D

Most likely to: Get my grandmother drunk at the wedding

Bridal Party 5


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