One Year Down, 6 Millennia to Go

This time last year (On April 27, 2014), Nick and I looked like this:


That’s us, surrounded by our family and friends, tying the knot.


And this is my favorite picture from our wedding. Weren’t we adorable? This was right before we headed out for our honeymoon. Ah, the memories.

In the year since we’ve been married we’ve had so much happen!

We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon!

We bought a house.

We painted like crazy!

Nick suffered from Lyme Disease and we Ran for the Cure (of lyme…)

We threw a New Years party!

We survived our first winter in our new house!

Nick and I both turned 28! (why is there an exclamation point??)

And we completed some pretty intense house projects.

Wow. After typing that all up, it doesn’t seem like much. But it was! And we made it through our first year of marriage!!

We celebrated our anniversary by going out to a nice restaurant. We took some pretty cool pictures for our first anniversary (thanks pinterest, for the idea). We did have to have a couple of takes on these:

take 1


take 2


After dinner we rushed home to…eat the old cake that’s been in our freezer for a year.

cut it

A before and after for you to compare how cake changes over time (though, in the cake’s defense, the “after” shot does have some terrible lighting):

PicMonkey CollageThe cake wasn’t as bad as we expected. The icing was pretty tasteless but the cake part wasn’t bad. I have a video documenting the cake cutting…but I’m having trouble uploading it. So the video is coming…check back for it!

Oh, are you wondering what we gave each other for our One Year Anniversary? Nosy, aren’t you. Well, the one year anniversary is the “paper” anniversary.

I gave Nick a Wood Block Photo Prints from Artifact Uprising. It is a set of 12 photos (from year one!) printed on nice, textured PAPER (ha!) for him to keep on his desk at work. I can’t take full credit for this idea. My sister gave the same thing to her husband for their “wood” anniversary. I loved the idea though, especially since the only picture Nick has of me at work is from my work ID badge. Oh. I almost forgot. I also did the Color Me Rad 5k for our anniversary. You’re welcome. (more to come on that).

Nick gave me a calligraphy class from I Still Love Calligraphy! Isn’t he clever? Paper anniversary. Calligraphy is done on paper! He’s the best. I can’t wait to get started!

One year down, a whole bunch more to go!


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