Color Me Rad 5k: A Run for Love

As mentioned in our Anniversary post, Nick and I decided to complete a color run to commemorate our first year of marriage. This was actually one of his anniversary presents because I don’t enjoy running.


We invited some family and friends to run with us and ended up with a pretty great group. My sisters, Genny and Courtney ran. My brothers-in-law, Lucas and Brad ran. My soon-to-be sister-in-law, Celia ran. And the wonderful Tommy and Lauren ran! We were super excited that all these wonderful people could come celebrate our anniversary! Thanks for coming guys!

The run was not as bad as I expected. There were so many people that you had to run really slow. I actually ran the entire time which, if you know me, is pretty amazing! Nick had a super sexy run and ended up being covering in tons of love pigments Ed. Note: Upon reading this the first time, I let out a guttural, “Ew” (the color red guys, gosh, don’t be gross).

My sister’s wonderful boyfriend Tommy made us an awesome video documenting our run! Watch it! It’s awesome!

It doesn’t matter who won the race, by the way. The only thing that matters is that I “ran” it faster than Tommy, the racer!


Thank you so much for the video, Tommy! You’re awesome! Ed. Note: Yeah, Tom. You rock!


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