Planting a Raised Garden Bed, Botto Style

Nick and I have almost been in our house for a whole year! Woohoo! We’ve had so many one-year anniversaries this year!

One thing that we didn’t get to last year that we finally were able to complete was making a vegetable garden!!

With the help of my beautiful, baby sister, Courtney, Nick and I made a raised garden bed and planted some veggies for this summer.


The plants that you see in the cute bed are ones that I started at the end of April. Tomatoes, green beans, cukes, and peppers (orange bell peppers, my favorite).

You might be thinking, “Guys, why did you replant so many seedlings? You should have them spread further apart.” Well, you’re right. There were 9 of each type of plant and I replanted about 5 of each (the others were dead). Of those 5 probably only 1 or 2 will make it because some of them were a little wilted and dying.

The big empty space is where we planted some carrots (which I had started as seedlings but they all died from lack of water), green onions, luttuce (which is a fancy name of lettuce…I tried planting lettuce but it dies. Hopefully the luttuce will do better), spinach, arugula (yum!), kale, oregano, and basil. That round green container has some arugula and spinach that I planted in April. It’s growing really well so I didn’t want to replant it.

I promised all the new seeds and replanted plants that I would water them every day. There is also a sprinkler next to them in case I forget (which, lets face it, I will). Hopefully they will live and produce some delicious veggies for us to consume and share!

Since the above picture was taken I also weeded and watered the “flower bed” that boarders the chimney and our lovely blue porch. That garden really needs some mulch. I was able to deroot a while bunch of acorns (Note to self for next year: Rake the acorns up. Don’t leave them on the grass!) and plant a rose bush that a student gave me for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Little by little the yard is looking better. We have a bunch to mulch still, but we haven’t figured out all of our front yard landscaping ideas. Before we plant around the front door (I’m thinking hydrangeas) we need to fix the concrete slab…but that will be a post for another day.


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