Yard Yahtzee: America’s Favorite Sport


So what do you do on a beautiful day with a couple of great people? Break out the brews, the big dice, and play a little yard Yahtzee! Please note: this game is best played while drinking something cold. Especially if you are playing with Nick. (Ed. Note: Agreed)

The wonderful, talented, and beautiful Jenny Wise gave us some HUGE dice when she came to visit for New Years!


If you look closely at her toes, you can see that one is disgusting.

If you’re thinking of playing, make sure you play with some great people. Also make sure to wear your SPF because the sun in DANGEROUS! I recommend SPF 75 or higher ( SPF 100 is actually my favorite. (Ed. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a summertime suit of armor in our house soon.) And don’t listen to people who say anything over SPF 30 doesn’t work. It does.)


You’re going to want to make a score card, too. The score card is VERY important. How else would Genny, Lucas, and Nick know how much I would beat them by? The score card was carefully created by Lucas. (Ed. Note: He’s a Masters-degree-holding, practicing scientist. In our liberal-arts household, that means he’s a superhero*) He used a ruler because this was an intense game (that I won, by the way).


You’re going to need a container to throw the dice with. We’ve used boxes before, but this time we used Nick’s old Ale Pail as our dice container (the pail was clean because we all know he hasn’t brewed beer in YEARS) (Ed. Note:I do miss the smell of boiling grains. Note to self, look up deals at http://www.midwestsupplies.com/ later).

Here’s me, showing you the awesome pail. (I took action shots of everyone, but I needed someone to take my picture. Note to self, Nick is not the best at taking action shots. His real talent is in the kitchen where he makes delicious eggs. Or ironing! He’s an awesome ironer! The best ironer! He also has an infectious laugh, beautiful curly hair, and he’s a true people person. He’s just not the best action photographer)


Some action shots from the game (because it’s fun to take pictures of flying dice).


The beautiful Genevieve


Jake Ballard. I mean, Lucas


Nick…I think Genny took this one. I took the cover pic of him.


Please note that this picture was taken by GENNY

Let’s consult the score card to see who won (spoiler: it was me)


Yay! I won! What did I win? Prestige. I am the Yahtzee Champion!

Now if you ever come and visit us, we will have a really great yard game to play with you. Well, Nick will play with you. I’m retiring from Yard Yahtzee. Quit while you’re ahead, right? I would like to remain undefeated for the rest of my life.

*Why am I not a superhero? I have a liberal arts degree and have been gainfully employed in my field since graduation. Though, saying he’s a “master scientist” does sound pretty cool. Let’s call him a villain though. Scientists are always villains.


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