Spring Cooking

Since we moved into our house last year we’ve been cooking a lot more frequently–usually about three days a week even though sometimes it’s Nick’s delicious egg sandwiches. We’ve mooched dinners off my parents less and less (though, when Nick works late, I’ve been known to still mooch). We also inherited a grill, which makes cooking easier.

Our downfall with cooking is often figuring out what to make. After all, let’s face it, food shopping is just as awful if not worse than cooking. Therefore, we’ve decided to go all Julie&Julia on one of our cookbooks.


Here, we have Martha Stewart’s Everyday Cooking Light cookbook. We also have Martha’s Everyday Cooking: Great Food Fast and Clean Slate, but we’re focusing on the former for this exercise. It has easy and delicious recipes for each season. What I like most about it is it uses very few ingredients to make each meal. Our favorite recipe–light butternut squash soup–is from this book. Delicious!

So, we’ve decided to cook through “Spring.”


See? We aren’t going to cook through the WHOLE book because let’s face it, we might not even make it through “Spring.” The whole book is too big of a task for us (read: me). We’ll start small. Babysteps (quick! Who knows what movie that’s from??).

Watch out! The Bottos (if I’m lucky, mostly Nick) will be cooking up a storm for the rest of spring!



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