Some Updates

Did you miss us?

Things have been crazzzy in the Botto household lately!

Our biggest project is the never-ending bathroom…a project that never ends! We started by taking off all the wallpaper. For such a little bathroom, it was FILLED with wallpaper! It took us too long to take it all off. In the process, we decided that it would be great just to take out the toilet and the sink. Get everything done at once. Then we took off the awful stick-on tile and found a whole layer of other fun flooring:

DSCN3390We thought that maybe we had some nice hardwood flooring under the “tiles”. It turned out to be a layer of subfloor. Which was strange because we knew that there was a different subfloor that had been under the vanity. We ended up with some pretty sexy vinyl and some pretty fancy water damage. We were a little annoyed that there were so many layers of floor but we’re hoping that the vinyl saved the true subfloor so that we have less to replace.

DSCN3393We promised the world some Botto/Martha cooking, right?

Well, our first creation was…

DSCN3386The handsome Nicholas made it! He’s the best. It was pretty delicious. I’m not a fan of peanuts but it wasn’t too overwhelming. We ate it. Not much else to say there.

And Lola has been a great helper this week! Look how helpful she was with my calligraphy practice!



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