How are things on the West Coast?

Wow! I thought for sure that I’d have plenty of time to write a few posts before now. However, summer’s been SO BUSY! (Ed. Note: For what it’s worth, there has been a lot of grumbling from our dear writer regarding the need for new context. Talk is cheap, Brigey!)

Nick and I went to California for a week at the beginning of July. It was so nice to get away and go on vacation! I can’t remember the last time we were on a vacation together. (Ed. Note: Our honeymoon. Thanks for remembering…) It might have been our honeymoon. (Ed. Note: good catch :)) Well, we went to Elfin Forest, California. A town just south of Escondido (which happens to be one of the coolest names for a town–Escondido–it’s super fun to say!).


Our hiking group

This was Nick’s first time to the West Coast. His to-do list consisted of 4 things:

1. See the Pacific Ocean

2. Go to In-N-Out Burger

3. Eat tacos at a restaurant with bars on the windows

4. Enjoy the experience of visiting a West Coast brewery (Ed. Note: Ideally Russian River for the world famous Pliney the Elder/Younger, but alas the brewery was three hours away)

Seems like he really had some ambitions for this trip… (total sarcasm).

The plane ride to California was totes fine. No bumps. Almost missed our connecting flight, but in the end, we had some sweet neck pillows. They made everything better.


Nick being all handsome on the airplane (Ed. Note: This was actually taken at Brige’s parents’ house, but shhhh)


We made it to the second plane!!

Genny and Lucas picked us up from the airport and immediately helped Nick cross one item off his list:


He ordered a Double Double Animal Style. I had fries. The fries were great. (Ed. Note: I also got a paper hat. It’s equivalent to getting a lei in Hawaii)

The house we stayed in with my family was beautiful. It was up on a hill and had a gorgeous pool. It fit the whole family (23 of us). We were right next to the Elfin Forest Reserve, so we spent a day hiking.



The first picture on this post is from the hike. So is this one. (Ed. Note: this picture is actually by the pool. Thus the reason Aiden is shirtless, and Lucas is slightly damp). Obviously the weather was so hot on our hike that it burned Aiden’s shirt off. (Ed. Note: No it didn’t; see previous Editor’s Note) That’s the only explanation I can think of as to why he doesn’t have one on. Side note: the selfie stick definitely came in handy on this trip! #godblesstheselfiestick

We hit up the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. It was awesome. We saw lions, and goats, and rhinos, and buffalo. The elephant got pretty frisky; it practically ran me over. Luckily, Nick stepped away from his camera long enough to push me out of the rhino’s path. (Ed. Note: This sentence is confusing, but I’ll leave it the way it is for comedy).


There were quite a few breweries nearby, so Nick dragged us to some of them (Goal 4). We visited the Lost Abbey and tried 30 of their beers (don’t worry, there were 7 of us splitting the 30 beers).


Then we went to Stone Brewing for a tour and taste. The tour was pretty pathetic but the place itself was quite impressive. They had a really cool restaurant attached to it and a beer garden. Maybe next time we go out that way we’ll stop for lunch. We were able to pick up some t-shirts and souvenir tasting glasses before heading back to the house.



Nick with the Stone at Stone Brewery


The doggoil

My lovely sister and her husband were only with us for a short time on the trip. So while we were all together, we took Nick to the Pacific Ocean!! (Goal 1)




He spent the day splashing in the waves (which were HUGE). Then we went out and got some DELICIOUS tacos from Juanitas Taco Shop and crossed the last item off Nick’s list.

We finished our trip a little redder than before. Actually, Nick was burned, I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure we both gained some weight, though. Overall, the trip was very relaxing and refreshing. We had a nice, direct flight home and spent the weekend doing some yard work (and getting poison ivy) before summer school (for me) and classes (for Nick) began!



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