Nick Goes Beer Hunting


Devoted Becoming Bottos Reader,

It’s Nick, your reliable editor. I was forced to write a blog post. Have you had a chance to recover? Good. Here we go. Ed NoteI suggested he write it a week ago.

While I may not be as crafty or witty as my beautiful wife, I do have a couple hobbies. Most of the revolve around visiting breweries and exploring their craft-made suds (check out out our San Diego post for some great pictures of our trip to Stone Brewing and Port Brewing Company/The Lost Abbey).

Below you will find some photos from a more-recent beer adventure. This time, my sister-in-law’s beau, Tom, joined me for a beer-filled day in Manchester, where over 30 local brewers presented their goods. We met up with friends, experienced some of the oddest libations imaginable (rhubarb & sage Gruitbacon Imperial Stout), met a presidential candidate and had an all-around excellent time. I also bought a hat and a shirt. Ed Note: He’s the king of swag. I thought he got the hat for free. Nope, he bought it.

Without further ado, here’s a quick photo recap of our trip to the Granite State Brewers Association Summer Fest!







Nick-Editor (Becoming Bottos)

Ed note: Brigette here, I wrote the editor notes for this post. I would like to point out that no one was “forced” to write this post. On the contrary; I gently suggested that he take pictures on his way to the beer festival so that he could write a post later if he wanted. I will take responsibility for repeatedly suggesting that he write something for the blog. Though, this is kind of a sorry excuse for a post. It’s so short! Don’t you wish he wrote something a little longer? Nick here again. The answer is “No”. Brigette, my queen and love, you are the writer. I am but a mere editor.



2 thoughts on “Nick Goes Beer Hunting

  1. Quality over quantity is what I always say. Also, is the article in question still considered S.W.A.G. if you have to pay for it? Wouldn’t it just be a souvenir of sorts? Lastly, we look ridiculous holding those tiny mason jar mugs. The handle is just large enough so you can fit one finger through it. I was handing my mug over to be filled at one of the breweries and the guy grabbed the mug before I could get my finger loose from the tiny handle. He laughed. It was embarrassing. Then I get the mug home and I have to put it in the silverware tray of the dishwasher because it is too small to fit in the rack where the normal size cups go. That little mug is impractical on so many levels!! Good times!!

  2. Ha! I think if it has a company name on it we should consider calling it swag. Though I guess that’s technically not what swag stands for. The glasses can count as souvenirs but, knowing Nick, he bought his hat and shirt because he wanted something with the company name on it (he’s cute like that).
    You look like giants holding those mugs! What was this, a brew fest for ants? (zoolander joke, in case you didn’t catch that).

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