A bathroom update

We’ve only had one bathroom for the past couple months. It’s been rough. Nick and I both enjoy some alone time on the porcelain throne, which is challenging when there is a single commode between the two of us. It’s not all about leisure, through. Sometimes there are emergency situations. Like that one time I rushed home from work because I had to visit the facilities SO BAD and Nick was in the bathroom, thus forcing me to seriously consider going outside to the woods… *Ed. Note: I I want to make it abundantly clear that I had nothing to do with the creation of this blog post. I did, however, remove many references to human waste. Oh, and she didn’t actually go in the woods. Lyme Disease.

Well, a couple weeks ago (let’s be honest, it was more like a month ago) Scott helped us almost finish our second bathroom! Three cheers for Scott!!

The major hold-up for this bathroom was the floor. In case you don’t remember, we pulled up a few layers of horrible tile, leaving a hideous subfloor earlier this summer. Concerned about the fact that a bathroom is literally a hole in the floor filled with water, we considered hiring a professional to come in and lay some porcelain tiles. *Ed. Note: I’ve crawled around in dangerous, unfinished attics and cut down trees from a ladder, but for some reason, I found myself completely crippled by the idea of installing tiles in this bathroom. After reviewing some options, however, we ultimately decided to go with a DIY plan involving groutable peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. It saved us $600+ for a 20 square foot bathroom that we plan to eventually expand upon at some point anyways.

Now it was just a matter of getting them installed. Thankfully, Nick’s mom and dad were coming into town from Massachusetts to visit. Scott (Nick’s dad and my father-in-law) is very handy. He proved to be just the man for the job!

Scott and I started with making a chalk line thing across the room to find the center. Then I revealed to him that we were going to grout the tiles, not just stick them right next to each other. So we took out the little spacers and Scott spaced the tiles. I had the job of cutting the spacers. It was a tough job, but I did it.


Then I revealed to Scott that I was going to really test how handy he was and have him stagger the tiles! He rose to the occasion. *Ed Note: He actual spent the bulk of the ordeal in a seated position (see image above) He’s really good at this.

Just to make things a little more difficult for my awesome father-in-law, I told him that I wanted all the lines on the tiles to be going the same way. We used marble-colored tiles, so all the “veins” had to be heading in the same direction. Neither Scott nor Nick (who eventually came home from work to help) could figure out the lines of the tiles. They’re the cutest.


Visual and spatial challenges aside, Scott and Nick worked together to finish laying the tiles in just a couple hours. YAY! Go Scott!! You’re the best!!

And then Nick grouted the tiles.


Doesn’t it look awesome??? It looks like real tiles! We were all super impressed with how it al turned out.

Once the floor was complete, Nick and Scott installed the sparkly new, WHITE (not the ugly beige from before) toilet!! Woohoo! Houston, we have a second bathroom!


Before he left, Scott also installed a new bathroom light for me. Because, well, he’s wonderful.


In the end, everything turned out AWSOME! I’m so glad we did it!

In the weeks since the floor was installed, we did some painting and installed a new vanity. The bathroom is small, so this had to be something like 18×19″. As we learned, this is not a very common size. Thankfully, Lowe’s had ONE sink that fit the description. So we bought it and Nick put it together. *Ed. Note: The toilet is a floor level hole filled with water. I find myself far less concerned with screwing up water-filled holes in the wall.

Now we just need a mirror and maybe some pictures/decorations. Keep your eyes open for a final bathroom post where we unveil the completely finished product!



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