Guest Post: BARNdelia, Adventures in Horse Sitting

Written by Celia

Edits in italics by Brad

It was a typical Tuesday night at Chateaux Bradelia. Brad and I were enjoying our favorite snack of beans on toast (a British delicacy) and watching “Jeopardy” while Woodrow lay comatose on the floor. As I got up to fetch my nightly cup of milk, my phone lit up with a text message from Courtney Comeau. Yes, THE Courtney Comeau; riding instructor and owner of CoComeau Equestrian.


Um, is anyone surprised by this text? Good. We weren’t either. I was the clearly the top candidate to take on this responsibility (She was trying to reach me).  Don’t believe me?  Allow me to list in detail just some of the highlights on my resume:

  1. I’ve ridden a horse twice in my life. The first time I was three and I must have been really good because my mom took a ton of pictures. The second time I was 24 and I went up and down a dirt driveway practically unassisted. I wasn’t even scared.    
  2. Due to my outstanding flexibility, I can hoist myself up on a horse on the second or third try. No side saddle for this gal.
  3. I painted a horse in my high school art class and got a B+, so I’m able to appreciate a horse’s anatomy from an artistic perspective.  
  4. I’m a vegetarian; therefore I’m naturally loved by all species of animal walking this earth (except the occasional fish, but they lack emotional depth anyway).  
  5. I own three pairs of riding boots and six Ralph Lauren sweaters.  I was born to rock the equestrian chic look (so in this season).

Jealous of my skills, talent, and all the attention I was getting from Courtney, Brad asked if he could tag along. The big shiny rock on my left ring finger made me reluctant to say no (It was at least 8:30 – no shining to be done). Besides, when you’re married you are obligated to share the responsibility of basic marital tasks, such as dishes, laundry and horse sitting (Notice trash removal is not included).  I suppose I’m pretty lucky to have a husband that wants to do stuff with me, even if that means he’ll be covered in itchy hay while engulfed in the aurora of horse poop.  

After training and getting to know all six horses, we confirmed Courtney’s instinctual assumption that we were exceptional equestrians and we graduated from CoComeau Equestrian as certified “Steed Sitters”. We woke up Sunday morning, put on our matching flannels, grabbed our coffee, and made our way to the barn.  


The horses could barely contain their excitement as we pulled open the doors and graced them with our presence. They neighed loudly and kicked their hooves against the stall doors, welcoming us like rock stars.  It was time to put our training to the test:

Step One: Greet horses and take their picture


Step Two: Prepare a delicious meal of hay, grains, and water




Step Three: Take horses outside



Step Four: Hydrate horses


Step Five: Take selfie with horses



All in all, a successful morning with some beautiful animals!  However, I think we will leave the important stuff to the professionals like Courtney. Make sure to check out CoComeau Equestrian’s Facebook page and website for more information about her affordable lessons and high quality training.




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