Weekend with Friends.

Last weekend we had some wonderful friends down for a visit! Getting together with college roomies is always a good time. We made breakfast, played some games, napped, etc. Overall, an excellent weekend. Please enjoy our moments in pictues:


Yesh really seemed to enjoy sitting on the fireplace.


Someone else LOVED to climb and sit on the fireplace.DSCN4023

Also, Jackson has the best grandpa. Obviously.


And then Nick and Cody decided to cut some kindling. Can you find Jackson in this picture? 

Nick is SO STRONG (please note that Cody had to show him how to cut the wood).DSCN4028

Yesh enjoyed freaking Nick out with his balls.DSCN4029

We watched Nick for a bit and then got bored and decided to play some lawn games. Yes, we played in the front yard. It’s the classy place to play yard games.DSCN4030

These yard games were part of Nick’s birthday present this year. You’re welcome, babe.DSCN4031


Jackson and Colleen enjoying a frisbee.DSCN4033


Yesh and Gary, racking up some points. Please notice Nick in the background, still cutting some kindling.DSCN4035




Someone picked tomatoes from the garden and enjoyed eating them.DSCN4039

He got a little messy. Babies are gross.DSCN4040

His favorite ride was the Shela ride. He just laid still on her back while she crawled around.DSCN4041


Nick was the life of the party. Obviously. But seriously, look how nicely Cody lit the fire. This was the VERY FIRST TIME “we” made a fire in our fireplace. Nick opened the “flute” all by himself. GO Nick! But really, the kudos go to Cody.

Unfortunately, this is where my camera died. We have no pictures of the rousing game of Asshole or the delicious pork roast or even the snacks. However, if you look over Brad’s shoulder in this picture you can see the top of Chris’s head! Yay Chris! You made it into a picture!


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