Some Bad News and Some Good News

Many things have been going on at the Botto abode lately. Let’s start with the bad news.

Nick and I are sad to announce that Victor the cat has disappeared. I’m sure he’s living in the woods somewhere. Having fun and loving life. There is a slight chance he was eaten by a wild beast. If he was, I’m sure he put up a good fight.


So, on a lighter note, Nick and I procreated! The creature is due to extricate itself from my uterus at the end of April. Today, we are 12 weeks along and the wee one is the size of a toy soldier (Ed. Note: we live in the Live Free or Die state. Therefore, the child will be born with an active license to carry).


We’re super terrified. And excited (Ed. Note: and terrified). Did I mention terrified? (Ed. Note: yes) I was excited at first, and then it changed to, “What the hell were we thinking.” Nick started off terrified but now he’s just fine and dandy (Ed. Note: on the surface). Though getting through this first trimester with me is probably making him question ever marrying me (Ed. Note: Best. Decision. Ever.). Anyway, here are some thoughts on our first trimester. We were going to both share some thoughts on it, but this ended up being longer than anticipated. So Nick will write his own damn post. Eventually (Ed. Note:….maybe).

Thoughts on the first trimester (Ed. Note: before diving in, please keep in mind that you are about to embark on the realest depiction of first trimester pregnancy ever presented in blog format. As it turns out, making a baby isn’t all sunshine, roses, and cutesy Facebook announcements. It takes hard work. It’s exhausting. And, according to what I’ve witnessed, it kicks the absolute crap out of the woman going through it. Much respect to my bride, my mom, and every other person who has, is, or is ever planning to go through this. We can’t wait to meet the little guy or gal, but as always, nothing great comes easily):

CRAMPS! No one told me I would have cramps if I got pregnant. I thought one of the positives of being pregnant is that you don’t have a period (Ed. Note: diving right into it, are we?)! I had super crazy period-type cramps the whole first 6 weeks and it was totally not cool. Seriously? I’m growing a human. Can’t I at least not have period cramps? Positive side note: Sometimes the cramps made it difficult to make dinner, do the dishes, clean, pretty much do anything (Ed. Note: Brige appears to have been pregnant throughout our entire relationship. This is one hell of a gestation period). Knitting and watching TV with a big glass of ginger ale is sometimes the only thing to do…the struggle is real (Ed. Note: It is, indeed).

Prenatal vitamins smell bad. Regular adult vitamins probably smell bad, too, but I used to take the chewable ones. I miss them. They were delicious. Now I have 1 smelly horse-sized pill and one normal pill to take each night. Update (Ed. Note: WOOAAHHH Stealing my formatting! Note cool!): I had to switch to chewable preggo vitamins! Not too sad about it. The only downside is now I have to find an extra source of calcium.

The water you take with the pills will make you need to pee in a few minutes and again in the middle of the night. There should be a book called: If You Give a Pregnant Person a Pill.

There’s a constant worry that something will go wrong/is going wrong/went wrong. Like that one time I went for a nice walk/run on a 90 degree day and I was pretty sure I cooked our baby. Really, I thought I baked it’s organs. Let’s hope I didn’t. I guess only time will tell (Ed. Note: She didn’t. The doctor didn’t express concern. This event did, however, provide another excuse to avoid exercise–which I’m okay with).

Now, this might just be because I’m a twin and Nick’s a twin, but we are CONSTANTLY worried that we are going to have twins. Twins would be super cool and adorable and surreal, but there is no way we could handle twins. How do people afford two babies at once?? Mom? Jode? Care to chime in here? (Ed. Note: a draft of this blog was clearly written a few weeks ago. Update: only one skull crusher in there *wipes sweat from brow*)

Naps. Naps just kind of happen. Everyday at 4pm. BAM! As someone who has never been able to nap before (Ed Note: This is a boldfaced lie*), naps are awesome. AND I can nap during the day and then fall asleep at 9:00 at night! (yes, I go to bed at 9pm now. Baking people takes its toll.)

Constipation is a sign of pregnancy. Who knew? Not only was it the first sign that I was pregnant but now they’re telling me it only gets worse as the pregnancy progresses. I wonder when I won’t be constipated anymore. TMI? (Ed. Note: meanwhile, our toilets are breathing a sigh of relief. TMI?)

Feeling gross all the time is no fun. So many people talk about feeling sick while pregnant, and I just kind of figured they were being dramatic. Nope. It freaking sucks. It’s like constantly feeling like you have the stomach flu without throwing up (yet…I have yet to be vomit but I’m sure that’s coming). To make matters worse, I have no appetite whatsoever, but I have to eat in order to not feel sick. Weird, right? (Ed. Note: coming from an Italian family, I am unable to relate to the idea of having no appetite. But enough about me.)

There is something called a transvaginal ultrasound. (Ed. Note: no boundaries here at BecomingBottos) This involves a wand. Google it. You’ll find pictures of what this wand looks like. You might be very surprised when you walk into your first ultrasound and the technician says, “Ok, you need to insert this into your vagina for me.” umm…What??? ok??? I was under the impression that ultrasounds were done on on top of my stomach (Ed. Note: the media makes pregnancy seem so glamorous), but, sure, whatever you say. My mom was there for that ultrasound. I’m lucky she’s so wonderful.

Seeing the baby on an ultrasound doesn’t make you feel pregnant. It doesn’t really give you a connection at all with the baby. You think it might, but it won’t. I thought for sure I would actually feel preggers (Ed. Note: can we stop with this pseudo-word?) after seeing a weird is-it-human-thing that’s in my uterus making me sick. If anything, seeing it made me feel even more sick (Though, thinking about pretty much anything that’s going on in my body anymore brings on the gags. The mention of how I’m making extra blood makes me feel sick, a lot of what I read makes me feel sick, etc. I’m probably having Nick edit all of this because I won’t be able to go back and read it myself without feeling sick) (Ed. Note: What an honor).

Also, I figured I would really like the baby once it made itself known. Maybe feel affection for this little life that Nick and I purposefully created. Nope. No affection. And I’m a baby person, so that’s saying something! I LOVE BABIES. I’ll go up to people with babies at a party and just take the baby. I love babies. But this thing? It makes me feel crappy and tired. Why would I like something like that? I know that will change, but for now, all I can feel is gross. People like their kids, right? Maybe once it’s born I’ll like it. (Ed. Note: being on the other side of the equation, every update has been awesome. Seeing the heartbeat for the first time sent shivers through my entire body. Hearing it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.)

preggers 2

Those are our updates! Thanks to all our friends and family for keeping our secret and not posting anything on Facebook. You’re all champs!

P.S. We’re seriously considering naming the baby Victor after our missing kitten. Great idea, right?

*This is not a lie. I don’t nap. I try to nap. Sometimes I even pretend to nap. But no, I’m not a true fall-asleep-for-real person.


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