And Baby Botto is…

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Human!!! We are 98% sure Baby Botto is human. Yahoo!!

Speaking of growing humans, gestation week 17 was not a fun week. We got some scary baby news, followed by some great news that negated the first news (Ed. Note: more on this topic in the months ahead). This was followed by a car accident and a stint in the hospital to make sure the baby and I were OK. What’s up with that week 17??

Nick really wants me to tell you about how, “his car was hit by a deer.” I feel like this takes away from the fact that the PREGNANT LADY was driving and, with her super pregnancy reflexes, she was able to avoid all but the deer’s butt as she was pulling over to the side of the road (Ed. Note: If my car wasn’t so cracked up, I would be even more impressed with her maneuvering). So a normal 3 hour drive took us 8 hours to get home. We are very lucky that an awesome tow truck driver named Ethan Byrd from Cross Town Towing in VT was willing to drive us an hour to bring our car to a Subaru dealership (Ed. Note: congrats on the new baby, Ethan!). We also have wonderful family members who drove for 1.5 hours to pick us up at the Subaru dealership and then drive us 1.5 hours home. I guess we should also give a shout out to Amica, the best car insurance company in the world!

The next day I called the doctors just to make sure I didn’t need to go in to get checked or anything. It wasn’t a hard hit: the airbags didn’t go off, the seat belt didn’t lock, and we weren’t jerked back at all (Ed. Note: Subaru Rocks! #SubarusSaveLives). However, the midwife wanted me to go in and get checked anyway. I have a negative blood type so my blood and the baby’s blood aren’t supposed to mix, so she wanted to check to make sure that wasn’t happening. After checking the baby’s heart beat (which was there and strong) and taking some more blood from me (I have plenty), we got comfortable and waited 4 hours for the blood test results to come back so we could go home (Ed. Note: the room was small, but we did get 4 uninterrupted hours of Sunday football). The baby and I were fine, so we were sent on our way.

After that roller coaster week, we decided we needed some good news. We also felt we needed to give our families–who were all so super supportive during week 17–some good news.

As it turns out, one of the many, many blood tests doctors make pregnant women suffer through can also be used to test for the baby’s sex. We gave them the go-ahead to run it.

SO, without further ado, we are pleased to announce that the newest Botto is a…

sex reveal


Here is a video of Jode and Scott, the grandparents-to-be and parents of 3 boys, finding out that there will be a little girl added to their family!

If you didn’t catch it the first time, watch the video again and look at Scott’s reaction as he realizes that there’s something pink in the box.

It should also be noted that this is the first girl on Jodie’s side of the family since SHE was born! Grandma Betty is SUPER excited for a girl!!


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