Hello 2016

Happy 2016!

We had a pretty spectacular 2015. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary, visited San Diego for the first time ever, watched Brad and Celia got married, got pregnant!!!!, passed the half way point of grad school, started another year of 2nd grade (one day I’ll pass), redid some kitchen cabinets and a bathroom, almost finished painting all the rooms in our house, celebrated our second Christmas together (Ed Note: and learned how to use a semicolon). We’re pretty lucky people.

sex reveal victor preggers 2 IMG_0496  IMG_0434 take 2

2016 holds a pretty big adventure for us. The Nicholas and Brigette Botto family of 2 will become a family of 3 in April!! We are super excited to be adding another female into the male-dominated Botto mix. Luckily, the baby’s room is already painted.

Once upon a time, the baby’s room was was a guest room. Then it was a home gym (Ed. Note: RIP)*. Today, it is all painted with a new fan cleverly installed by my handsome husband, refinished floors refinished by me, and a nice cream rug. We’ll need to fix the closet, but I’m hoping I can bat my eyes at my dad and have him put some shelves in there for his 11th(!!!) grandchild. Nick and I (Ed. Note: let’s give credit where credit is due. This was all Brige) were SUPER thrifty this summer and purchased a dresser. A real wood dresser, for the baby’s room (thank you Facebook Yard Sales!!!). We just need a crib and a chair and that room will have all the furniture it could possibly hold!!

I’m sure the world has been wondering how this lovely pregnancy has been progressing now that I’m out of that stupid first trimester. Well, I really can’t complain. Things have been pretty smooth sailing compared to the miserable 1st trimester. Not as many surprises. Here’s what’s been up (Ed. Note: if you are eating, you may want to put that PB&J down. Things are going to get a little clinical below):

  • Doctors appointments are WAY less invasive.
  • We’ve seen the baby on the ultrasound a few times.
  • Though it took quite a while for me to feel the baby move, she now enjoys kicking my intestines and cervix as often as possible. I think she must have been kicking my intestines before, but I thought it was just gas. So classy.
  • Nick has felt her a few times, but because the baby’s lovely placenta is at the front of my belly, we haven’t felt her much from the outside. But believe me, she moves.
  • HOLY HEARTBURN. WOW. Wow. I’ve never really had heartburn in the past. Now it keeps me up at night.
  • My hips hurt at night when I’m lying on them. Wasn’t expecting this one at all. I’m told its because my belly is getting heavier.
  • MAJOR weight gain. Thanks baby! Nothing like being told you need to gain 2-4lbs in 4 weeks and then gaining a whopping 9 POUNDS (Ed Note: this pregnancy is brought to you by Carnation Instant Breakfast)!

A lot of people have asked me how I feel about the baby moving. If you remember from our pregnancy announcement post, I was a bit skeptical. It definitely isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Plus, since I had been a little worried about NOT feeling her for so long–though the doctors assured me this was because of the anterior placenta–it was reassuring to finally start to feel movement. I’m not sure if I let the world know about our deer-meets-car accident (Ed. Note: you can read more about it on Instagram @oh_thats_nick), but if I had been able to feel the baby then, we wouldn’t have been worried. However, her movement is not the most comfortable thing in the world (again, kicking intestines, etc). It’s not too bad; It’s not, “isn’t it the most amazing thing in the world??” either. It just is.

(Ed Note: I’m going to step out from behind the curtain for a moment to give you a quick dad-to-be update. So far, things have been going pretty smoothly. Brige has been Leonardo DiCaprio-ing this pregnancy like a champion (fingers crossed for an Oscar this year) and, admittedly, I’ve been playing the role of “guy in the grocery store” throughout most of the events. Smooth, however, is a relative term. It still hits me every day or so that a new person is joining our circus in just a few short months. My emotional state swings from jubilation to terror back to elation in seconds, especially when my mind drifts to how many things still need to be done (crib bought and built, carseat installation skills perfected, gun license earned, 529 plan invested). All in all though, the positives far outweigh the fear, and I can’t wait to meet this little girl when she introduces herself to our great big awesome world!) Well that’s just adorable. Way to bring on the pregnancy misty tears.

*It moved to the basement. Don’t be so dramatic. You can workout there. (ha!)


3 thoughts on “Hello 2016

  1. We are so happy for you three and look forward to the adventure along with you.

    There’s so much negativity on my FB feed… it’s refreshing to read your take on the world, and we are lucky to be part of it.

    Love you guys!

  2. Glad things are going better for you. Think of you often. I have been using an infuser water bottle for drink the tons I drink a day. I use cucumber and mint leaves in the infuser and it really helps with heart burn. This is just in case you were looking for a natural way to help you. Hoping the second trimester continues to give you comfort as you will need this memory for the third trimester. Take care.

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