Frozen Valentine’s Day (not the Olaf kind)

Well, this Valentine’s Day started off romantically (sarcasm).

It was a morning like any other. I woke up, put my waffle in the toaster, poured some milk, and made some coffee. It was a good breakfast. Then Nick came down to start making his eggs and bacon (Ed. Note: Old reliable). That’s when we discovered our hot water wasn’t working in the kitchen.

Well, this being our first abode, we had no idea why the hot water wouldn’t be working. So we did what any reasonable millennial couple would do: called the parents. It took them all of a minute to tell us that we had a FROZEN PIPE!

frozen pipe

This news freaked us out. My mind immediately went to “Oh great, now our basement will flood because frozen pipes burst. We’ll probably have to spend our life savings fixing that damage.” Then I thought about the nice new window we just bought for the baby’s drafty room and how maybe we didn’t really need to replace it yet (we do, it’s so drafty and cold in there).

My mom sent my dad over to help us figure things out and reminded us that my uncle enjoys thawing frozen pipes with a hair dryer, so to have one ready.


My dad supervising Nick’s cutting of the drywall.

After trying to find the pipe in the basement, Nick and my dad decided to saw away the drywall around the kitchen sink to get to the pipe there. Lo and behold, the pipe was freezing. So Nick took out my handy, dandy blow dryer and went to town on that baby. I had the important job of turning on the water and waiting for it to start running. Which it did in no time at all! SUCCESS!!! They then sent preggo-me downstairs to see if any pipes were leaking or dripping or something like that. I didn’t see anything, so I gave them the all-clear.


Part of the frozen pipe

Things we’ve learned from our frozen pipe:

  1. Always have your parents on speed dial.
  2. Make sure you have a saw of some sort in your tool box (I don’t know what kind of saw…a little one).
  3. Per my father’s advice, leave the cabinet door open on a cold night and run the hot water before going to bed.
  4. Per Scott Botto’s advice, run a trickle of hot water during the night.
  5. Make sure you have a hair dryer available at all times.


Well Valentine’s Day, you haven’t been very romantic. But you sure have been educational! Nick did a great job sawing and drying and not freaking out. (Ed. Note: and Brige did a great job determining a game plan and documenting it on the blog in almost-real time.)


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