The Final Countdown

Holy cow we only have a month to go! Less than a month, actually. Nick and I have been very, very lucky in our preparations for this little nugget. All of her necessities were gifted to us at our 4 beautiful showers (thanks to co-workers; Jode and Celia; and my lovely sisters, aunt, and mother for throwing showers for us!!!) (Ed. Note: I’m working on dad jokes, so right here I would definitely like to mention that, despite these showers, we stayed quite dry throughout.)


We recently replaced the window in the baby’s room. It’s brand spanking new. The room was drafty and cold and the window was starting to rot on the outside…Yeah. So it was the FIRST out of 7 windows to be replaced. We have 8 windows in the entire house, FYI. That’s it. Eight windows and 2 skylights. Obviously the person who built our house was anti-window. The builder also installed all the windows quite poorly. We were told by the new window guy (Romeo, from Romeos Windows and Doors) that the windows we are replacing are all really nice, quality windows (Ed. Note: He was very transparent about it). If they had been installed properly they would have lasted much longer. We’ve learned our lesson.

We also updated the big window in the front of the house. It’s so beautiful it could make you cry. Yes, here is a before and after of it.


window collage

the before and after of our new and improved living room window!!!

The nursery window was only primed, so I painted it and I patched/painted a gouge in the wall. So now the nursery looks fabulous! We were really lucky that the weather was so mild during my February vacation week. I left the windows open and painted away. Thank God that room was already painted. It’s gray by the way. A nice, light gray.

Then there was mopping and dusting and vacuuming (shoot! I just remembered I forgot to dust the fan. I’ll have to run up and do that now).

Brad, Celia, and Jake bought the baby a crib and it came in over vacation! YAY!!! Brad and Celia picked it up and very kindly put it together for us. Nick was at work late that night, so I was really glad they were able to get it up so I could see how pretty it is! It’s super perfect.


Nick had already hung up some shelves and I had (cleverly) found a dresser for this room at a yard sale (not to brag or anything, but I got it for $100 and it’s made of real wood. Not that crap that I love to buy from IKEA and Target). I used some photo boxes as drawer dividers and I washed the ocean of new clothes we’ve acquired from showers and gifts, as well as hand-me-downs from nieces, handmade outfits from my very talented sister, and even some of my own personal baby clothes that were caringly saved by my mother! The many, many blankets have also been washed and relocated to different areas in the house. There’s a basket in the baby’s room as well as a basket downstairs full of blankets. I was told that you can never have too many blankets, so we’re grateful to have plenty to choose from.

old clothes

Look how adorable my little dresses and rompers are!

changing station

the poop station

Pictures are hung! Most of our pictures are from etsy or other real people. The narwal and TARDIS block are from etsy, the headless chicken circus was painted by my brother, the sloth and anteater are by my brother’s friend, and the flower plaques are from a local artist. It took us a while to find something to hang on the wall over the crib. We almost left it with just the (awesome) mobile. HomeGoods pulled through though, and had a big, colorful elephant print. Perfect! HG also happened to have a really cool NH/VT print that we loved. If you look at the bottom, it also has the corner of Massachusetts that Nick is from!! We’re thinking of starring it or putting some sort of sticker there. We’ll see.



My sister made the crib sheets! And the mobile is laying in the crib…

The dresser is stocked and supplied. The glider should be in any day. And there’s a diapering basket in my room and downstairs. We have a bassinet (that converts to a travel crib) in our room for the baby to sleep in at night until she sleeps long enough to go into her crib.


I can’t believe how much crap you need for one little person! And we tried to get as little as possible for her. Our house has been in a constant state of disarray from putting everything together (thanks to my lovely husband and his handiwork (Ed. Note: It’s the least I could do. You’re the one carrying around a human being.)) and taking everything out of boxes. I can only imagine what will happen to the house once toys are introduced into the mix.

Now, I guess we just wait. Nick has been nesting by installing a garbage disposal (with my dad’s direction), being extra attentive, installing the car seat base, and calming me down when I freak out and realize that HOLY COW WE’RE HAVING A BABY! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!?! He’s the best.

Disclaimer: We do actually do things other than get ready for the baby. Like sit on the couch and nap, watch TV (we’ve been enjoying Archer, Broadchurch, and Daredevil), and play cards. Every once in a while we even socialize with the outside world (Nick does, I’m usually napping on the couch). We’re also in the beginning stages of our next home improvement project: my amazing father building us a new fireplace surround with built-ins. So, yeah, we do stuff.


2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. First piece of advice is no toys necessary… Boxes and cell phones work well. Once she discovers cell phones and she can make the screen changeShe will want it every time she sees it. Second, waiting is the hardest part but you’ll soon see it was all worth it. Overtime you will realize how quickly it will go by. Enjoy every second! Miss you and wish you, Nick and Violet the very best.

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