Guest Post: Brad and Celia Make an Editor Cry

(Ed. Note: The first paragraph of this blog post has been redacted to maintain our PG/PG-13 rating. The remainder of this post has been left largely unedited to maintain the author’s voice (and to ensure the opportunity for grammar-related teasing in the near future)) 


We are so thankful for you both and the close bond we have, but we soon know everything is going to change. Everything. Gone are the days of calling Nick to come over on a random Wednesday night to test out a new beer. So long to the late Friday nights with Billy Joel, bourbon, and board game benders. We’ll miss our adults only, Saturday morning breakfast meetings at the Purple Finch, where one out of the four is clearly suffering from a hangover. Now everyone is going to have to watch their language. With Violet’s impressionable ears in the room, this foursome may embark on a whole new level of refinement. She’s going to be treated like a princess and we’ll be speaking to her like royalty.

“Aunt and Uncle”-ing is going to be easy. We’re the Billy Gunn to Nick and Brige’s Jesse James. (Ed. Note: Is Jake X-Pac?) Everyone remembers the Road Dogg for taking care of all the hard work, but everyone LOVED Billy Gunn; he was the sex appeal. After teaching her all the important things in life, swooping in to save the day after a sleepless week, or stepping in during a hair-raising scheduling fiasco, we get to pass off the rock and watch you two raise a beautiful baby girl. So in advance – you’re welcome.

Jesse James

As our first niece, however, Violet will get everything she ever asks for from us. She’ll get dessert before dinner. She’ll get to watch PG-13 movies when she’s 12. She’ll get to build blanket forts in our living room for weekend sleepovers. She’ll get to dance in the kitchen past the bedtime you have strictly set for her. She’ll get that puppy for Christmas that Santa keeps forgetting to put in his sleigh. She’ll get the biggest bouquet of flowers at her ballet recital, and special ice cream trips after t-ball games. She’ll be allowed (and encouraged) to wear her Cinderella costume when Auntie Celia takes her shopping. She’ll get yearly visits from the Easter Gator and the Great Pumpkin. She’ll get a framed picture in our home that will change as she grows. She’ll get that drum set from Uncle Brad because he so truly believes in her talent. She’ll get embarrassed in front of her friends because we are cheering the loudest at her junior high graduation. She’ll get the biggest space on our fridge for the artwork we are lucky enough to collect. Most importantly, she’ll get spoiled with immense love and support from an insanely proud uncle and aunt who adore her.

Everything is going to change, in the most beautiful and exciting way. We look forward to random Wednesday night phone calls from Violet when she needs help with math homework. Late Friday nights will include trips down memory lane and reminiscing with the familiar boardgames of our childhood. And Saturday morning breakfasts will feature an adorable, maple syrup-covered angel discovering the splendor of pancakes for the first time.

From the bottom of our hearts, we could not be happier for you both. We can’t wait to watch you take on the role you were both born to play: parents. We love you three. Here’s to your greatest adventure yet.



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