2 years down

Two years ago, Nick and I tied the knot.


Wow, two whole years! I can’t even believe it! This time two years ago we were in Jamaica. Eating delicious breakfasts. Drinking some Jamaican Kisses (strawberry daiquiri mixed with pina colada). Chilling by the pool.


Flash forward to today and we are sitting on the couch. Feeding and ogling a newborn. Watching shows on Netflix. Trying to stay awake but probably napping.

Our second year of marriage was pretty eventful. We:

-Completed the Color Me Rad 5k (though, in fairness, this was to celebrate our 1 year anniversary).

Grew our own food!!! We just started our seeds for this summer’s garden!

Vacationed in California

-Nick tasted some beers

-We updated our small bathroom

-Visited with some friends!

-Misplaced Victor 😦 but also got knocked up!

-Updated the kitchen!

Revealed the sex of baby Botto

-Totally purged our clothes!

-Learned how to thaw a pipe

-And became a family of three when we welcomed Violet into the world!!

Psh. And here I was thinking we hadn’t done much this year.

Being the practical people that we are, we decided to ditch the tradition gift of cotton (or the modern gift of china) and instead give each other something useful. Though, in hindsight, cotton underwear is always useful and practical. But no, we are gifting each other with the removal of some dead bushes at the front of our house. We’re both pretty excited about it, too.

Also, to keep up with our own little tradition, we’re (I’m) making a stupid photobook of our second year together. We did this with our first year, so, yeah, we’ve got to continue the tradition. I just HATE making photo books. I’m over it. This book will be interesting because Violet was born at the tail end of the year, so she’ll have a chunk of pics in the book. Aww I should go check out our other photo books: engagement, wedding, honeymoon, year 1… wow. I’m a glutton for punishment with these books.

Well Nick, I married you for your body and dashing good looks. You’ve proved useful these first 2 years, lets hope the rest of our 6 millennia as just as wonderful!



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