What I did on my summer vacation

Well, goodbye summer vacation and maternity leave. You were wonderful and will be missed.

I guess I should start our update from the beginning. Remember April? (I know we’ve talked since then, but humor me). On the great day of Saturday, April 9th, my wonderful husband and father started us on a journey that would transform our lives forever. Yes, I’m talking about the fireplace. They took this:


And turned it into this:


Yes, I still have to paint all the shelves. Thank you for noticing.

And it all started on the best day of the whole year!! Do you remember what else happened on April 9th?

Correct, we went on a nice 2 day vacation to the Catholic Medical Center. There, we were introduced to the sweetest little Violet. And everyone came to see how wonderful she is. I left a good 20 or so pounds lighter- the only vacation that I’ve ever lost that much weight during. (Ed. Note: Your writer is the only person I know who can go on a cruise and lose weight. No need to worry, I typically eat for two.)

PicMonkey Collage

Then, you know, life happened. We enjoyed all the terrifying death noises that Violet made at night. Enjoyed them so much we slept downstairs with her in the rock&play because that seemed like the best way to curb the death noises.


Nick continued with his classes (way to power through the sleep deprivation!) (Ed. Note: 1.5 courses left to go!) and Vi continued to be adorable:



Let’s see, what else did we do other than gaze at our precious girl?

I’ll just give you a picture list. Because now I have to actually upload pictures to my computer since my phone storage is always full now. I also can’t tell if I smell like baby poop right now or spit up. But I definitely smell like one of them. Maybe both. It may be time to shower.

Ok, here we go:


Nick decided it was time to embrace his Italian roots and learn to make pasta (he’s not pure Italian by the way. No matter what he tells you).


These are the seedlings I started and then forgot to water. They almost all died. RIP.

Oh that smell is killing me.


Nick and Vi bonding on the couch. Both in their patriotic attire (Ed. Note: #America).

These are in no particular order. Just things we did this summer.


That time Nick put the cream in the cupboard. This is one of my favorite pictures from his paternity leave (Ed. Note: you leave ONE pint of half and half in the cupboard and now it’s a thing. You know that Warren Buffett says: “It takes 15 years to build a reputation and 5 seconds to destroy it”).


Someone took lots of naps. She used to sleep for 2 hours every two hours. What happened? Now she sleeps for 10 minutes every two hours.


Back in the day, she hated tummy time…


… now she’s a pro.


Nick celebrated his first Father’s Day. I celebrated mother’s day but couldn’t find any pictures. I didn’t try too hard though.


Violet was baptized and mom was cracking some jokes.


I got bored and wished uncle Lucas a happy birthday. We also decided that this was too much work.

Vi and I got super classy #ferterslikejerd


Katie came to visit and this happened…!


I realized Violet’s real purpose- the odor detector!


Nick and Vi are both easily amused by something on the ROKU. (Also, Jode, she looks like you here).

Yes! We got the 3 remaining windows in our house replaced (remember, we only have 7 windows total)!!! Here’s hoping they keep the cold out this winter.


Just, you know, being adorable.

I looked at this picture and thought, “oh my nails look great here!” Then realized that work starts tomorrow and I don’t remember the last time I plucked the old brows.


Nick officially became a dad in this picture.


Violet started eating solids like a champ. This is her mowing down on a tasty short rib. She’s also been known to destroy a good chicken wing.

I’ve started typing one handed because someone is sleep-eating at the moment.


She only sleeps at night for Nick. I don’t know how he does it. He’s a baby whisperer.


We practiced napping in our crib for a whole week before we gave up because we needed to sleep for more than a hot second.


And Lola.

Someone just spit up IN my hair. Oh well, it will dry, right? Ugh now I guess I really have to shower for tomorrow. These legs weren’t going to magically shave themselves I suppose.


Someone enjoyed the pool during the heat wave! She has a diaper on, don’t worry. I would never risk swimming with her poop. Though, naked babies are pretty adorable.


Grandpa Scott taught Violet how to be a card shark during her very first vacation! (and Auntie Celia taught her how to cheat at cards (Ed. Note: as if her mother wasn’t going to teach her that anyway.))


First time at the beach!! Kennebunk, ME. Someone was not impressed by the surprisingly warm Maine water. Though, in her defense, it was her bedtime.


And we found the Bush estate to be the perfect backdrop for our family picture. Though, not this one. Maybe one in the future.

Ok, the smell might be from my bra (possibly??). I think I’ve been wearing it for a few days, but who knows. It’s comfy and I don’t want to dirty any bras before I go back to work. Also, I wear breast pads anyway. Which, coincidentally, are pretty much EXACTLY like pads you would wear during your period, except their for your boob secretions. Pretty gross but I just put 2 and 2 together.

Now, it’s off to work and work and grandma’s house in the morning!


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